Katja Loom Academy – Ecommerce Analytics Mastery

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Katja Loom Academy – Ecommerce Analytics Mastery

Katja Loom Academy – Ecommerce Analytics Mastery

Katja Loom Academy – Ecommerce Analytics Mastery


Profit & Loss Statements (PnL)

Read & understand PnL in detail. Get benchmarks, discuss findings with C-level & finance, drive actions for different teams.

Ecommerce KPIs

Calculate and understand important Ecommerce KPIs; from customer acquisition to retention, website, contribution margins and profitability.

Cohort Analysis & CLV

Learn how to read & calculate cohorts, customer lifetime value (CLV), understand if you are first-order profitable and calculate break-even.

Forecasting & Planning

Write financial projections and forecast revenue & profitability with high accuracy, even a long time into the future.

Master Google Sheets

Basic & advanced Google Sheet formulas, functions and chart creation tailored for e-commerce data analysis.

Online academy: 11 years of experience condensed in 7 hours of well-prepared lessons, so you can focus on what’s really important

Hands-on exercises & real-life examples that you can apply in your daily work

Downloadable templates to use side-by-side with my step-by-step calculation videos

Summaries for every lesson so you can quickly recap & maximise the impact of your time

Regular ask-me-anything (AMA) sessions where you can ask any question (also anonymously) to avoid uncomfortable situations asking your boss or co-workers

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