Jayson Casper – Scalp Trading Mini Course

Jayson Casper – Scalp Trading Mini Course

Struggling to be profitable?

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to become a confident profitable trader. These courses will give you a clear point A to point B comprehensive trading system so that you always know where you are looking to enter a trade, where to take profit, where to set your stop loss and more!

Welcome to our crypto trading courses! We offer two programs for beginners and experienced traders. Our expert-led courses cover essential concepts and techniques, with a focus on risk management and profitability. Start your journey to success in the crypto market today!

What You’ll Learn In Scalp Trading Mini Course?

  • Scalping Strategy Session 1 – Getting Started
  • Scalping Strategy Session 2 – Risk Management
  • Scalping Strategy Session 3 – Making a Plan
  • Scalping Stgrategy Session 4 part1 – Looking for Trades
  • Scalping Strategy Session 4 part 2 – More Trade Examples
  • Scalping Strategy Session 5 – Entering and Managing Trades
  • Scalping Strategy Session 6 Goodbye & God Bless