Jared Wesley – Professional Trading Strategies

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Jared Wesley – Professional Trading Strategies

Jared Wesley – Professional Trading Strategies


Course Overview: Professional Trading Strategies by Jared Wesley

Jared Wesley’s “Professional Trading Strategies” course is designed to equip traders with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the financial markets. Aimed at both beginners and experienced traders, this comprehensive course covers a wide array of trading techniques and methodologies. With a focus on practical application, the course emphasizes the development of disciplined trading habits and effective risk management strategies.

Professional Trading Strategies - Jared Wesley

Key Features of the Course

Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Foundational Knowledge: Starts with basic concepts to ensure all traders have a solid understanding of fundamental principles.
  • Advanced Strategies: Progresses to advanced trading techniques, suitable for seasoned traders looking to refine their skills.
  • Practical Application: Emphasizes real-world application of strategies through examples and case studies.

Structured Learning Approach

  • Sequential Modules: Organized into clear, sequential modules that build upon each other.
  • Interactive Learning: Includes quizzes, exercises, and assignments to reinforce learning.
  • Supportive Community: Access to a community of traders for support and knowledge sharing.

Core Principles Covered

Market Analysis Techniques

  • Technical Analysis:
    • Chart Patterns: Identification and interpretation of key chart patterns.
    • Indicators: Utilization of technical indicators such as moving averages, RSI, and MACD.
    • Trend Analysis: Techniques for recognizing and following market trends.
  • Fundamental Analysis:
    • Economic Indicators: Understanding the impact of economic data on markets.
    • Company Analysis: Evaluating financial statements and company news.
    • Sector Analysis: Assessing the performance of different market sectors.

Risk Management

  • Position Sizing: Determining appropriate position sizes based on account size and risk tolerance.
  • Stop Loss Strategies:
    • Fixed Stops: Setting predefined stop-loss levels.
    • Trailing Stops: Using trailing stops to lock in profits while minimizing losses.
  • Risk-Reward Ratio: Calculating and maintaining a favorable risk-reward ratio for each trade.
  • Diversification: Spreading investments across various assets to mitigate risk.

Trading Psychology

  • Emotional Control:
    • Discipline: Developing the discipline to stick to trading plans.
    • Patience: Learning to wait for optimal trading opportunities.
  • Mindset:
    • Confidence: Building confidence through practice and successful trades.
    • Resilience: Developing the resilience to recover from losses and setbacks.

Trading Strategies

  • Day Trading:
    • Scalping: Techniques for making quick, small profits throughout the day.
    • Momentum Trading: Identifying and capitalizing on short-term market momentum.
  • Swing Trading:
    • Trend Following: Strategies for capturing gains from market trends over days or weeks.
    • Reversal Trading: Identifying potential market reversals for profit.
  • Position Trading:
    • Long-Term Trends: Investing based on long-term market trends and economic cycles.
    • Fundamental Shifts: Trading based on significant changes in company or market fundamentals.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, traders should be able to:

  • Conduct thorough technical and fundamental market analyses.
  • Develop and implement effective risk management strategies.
  • Maintain emotional control and discipline while trading.
  • Apply various trading strategies across different time frames and market conditions.
  • Adapt to changing market environments with confidence and resilience.


Jared Wesley’s Professional Trading Strategies course is a robust training program that offers valuable insights and practical tools for traders aiming to achieve consistent success in the markets. Through its comprehensive curriculum, structured approach, and emphasis on real-world application, the course empowers traders to develop the skills and habits necessary for long-term profitability. Whether you are a novice trader seeking foundational knowledge or an experienced trader looking to enhance your strategies, this course provides the essential resources and support needed to excel in the dynamic world of trading.