James Blatch – Self Publishing Launchpad

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James Blatch – Self Publishing Launchpad

James Blatch – Self Publishing Launchpad

James Blatch – Self Publishing Launchpad

Here’s What’s Included:

Self Publishing Launchpad will show you everything you need to know to build the foundation for a successful career as an independently published author, with precise strategies our students have used to sell millions of books and add thousands of readers to their mailing lists.

You don’t need a degree in Computer Science to pull this off. You can do this.


Build your platform

Establish a presence online. We’ll go over the essentials: websites, mailing lists, social media and how to communicate with our readers.



A lot of first-time authors make the mistake of rushing to press Publish, but there’s a lot you need to do first!

In Module Two, we’ll show you how format your book for all the relevant platforms.

Stuart Bache, who’s designed covers for John le Carré and Stephen King, will show you what you need to look for when it comes to your own covers.

Bryan Cohen, the blurb-writing guru, will teach you how to craft killer hooks that’ll have readers dying to read more.

We’ll teach you about reader magnets and how you can use them to get readers onto your mailing lists, plus the landing pages you’ll need to make sure they sign up.

Then we’ll show you how to automate a series of emails that will greet those subscribers as they sign up to your mailing list, with copy you can use for inspiration.

Dave Chesson, the man behind Atticus and Publisher Rocket, will walk you through metadata to make your book more visible in searches.

And we’ll show you how to build Amazon Author Pages and make your books’ Product Pages stand out from the competition.


Amazon? or everywhere?

Amazon is the biggest bookstore in the world, but by going exclusive you’ll be leaving a lot of potential readers on the table.

In Module Three, we explain the pros and cons of Kindle exclusivity.


Amazon Exclusive

Amazon makes a lot of tools available in exchange for publishing your books exclusively with them. We’ll teach you about Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions, and suggest how you can optimise your book launches for Amazon’s powerful algorithm.


Going wide

There are countless digital stores other than Amazon you can sell your book through. We’ll look at powerful ways to sell books wide once you have more than one book available, as well as merchandising opportunities and how to make the other retailers notice you.


Generating traffic

This is the module most people look forward to! Whether you’re aiming to sell more books or grow your mailing list, we’ll teach you how to use Facebook ads – still one of the most powerful marketing tools available – to drive traffic to your website and sales pages. The team at BookBub also explain how you can use their Deals and Ads platform to add rocket fuel to your career!


Ready to launch?

Although a book can become a hit even years after it’s been published, a strong launch is a great way to climb the charts and find new readers. We have timelines and email copy you can use to make the most of each book’s launch window.

And given that one of the most powerful aspects of publishing is word-of-mouth, we’ll show you how to put together an Advance Team full of superfans who’ll support you with feedback, reviews and much-needed motivation!

James Blatch – Self Publishing Launchpad


Getting reviews

Here’s a conundrum for you: how can you get reviews before you’re getting sales, when you can’t make sales without first having good reviews?

It’s a brain-stumper, all right. But there is an answer, and we’ll show you how to get reviews without spending so much as a penny.

Tech Library

We understand that there are a lot of services and software you need to understand in order to package your book as a professional product, upload it to the various retailers and then start selling it! That’s why we put together the Tech Library, a comprehensive compendium of walkthroughs on everything from navigating Amazon KDP and Kobo, to formatting your books, to delivering your books to Advance Readers using BookFunnel, to building a website using Wix or Squarespace, to figuring out how to email your readers with mailing list providers such as Mailchimp and Mailerlite.

And there’s a lot more than that! If you’ve got questions, you’ll probably find the answers in here.


If that somehow wasn’t enough, we’ve added a huge amount of extra bonus content over the years – and they all offer a tonne of value.

Instagram for Authors has an enormous user base and is fantastic for building an organic following via images and reels. In this module we’ll show you how your business can make the most of Instagram’s awesome potential.

Bestselling indie authors Garrett Robinson and Cecelia Mecca demonstrate how YouTube and Facebook Live can be used to build a vibrant community of engaged and loyal readers.

Loads of people use Pinterest, but can it be used to boost your book sales? Author Pip Reid presents this specially commissioned module on how you can do just that.

And finally there’s LSP University, an extensive catalogue of premium webinar content hosted by Learn Self Publishing over the years. Learn about everything from mastering Scrivener to calculating readthrough to word-of-mouth marketing with BookBrush.

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James Blatch – Self Publishing Launchpad

James Blatch