Ivan Finn – Bestselling Book Ads (Mastery)

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Ivan Finn – Bestselling Book Ads (Mastery)

Learn everything you need to know to truly master Amazon Ads to squeeze every drop of profit from your books, long term.


  • Advanced launch strategy to ensure your book’s total niche domination
  • Targeting cheap, hidden keywords giving you an edge on your competition
  • SEO & PPC interdependence the secret to running profitable ads for years
  • Advertising with different budgets to give you maximal flexibility and cater to every book on your bookshelf
  • Highly reliable review services which will guarantee your verified reviews, on demand!
  • A trade secret campaign set up structure which gives maximal net profits through better control
  • The exact price testing strategy to find the sweet spot of overall net profitability for each of your books
  • Brand building to boost the longevity of your publishing business through brand creation and protection
  • Reader psychology deep dive to take your keyword research to the next level
  • Advanced monitoring for business health to ensure you’re turning a profit in pocket, not just on paper
  • Predicting the performance of ads based on your book type to eliminate wasted spend before you spend a penny
  • Advanced optimization metrics to ensure your advertising aligns best with your goals