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In the last 5 years or so I’ve been lucky enough to sell over a hundred million dollars worth of products online. (That’s for my businesses and clients. Not $100 mill in my bank account.)

Email has played a big role in that number. Email is kinda my thing. I’ve literally written thousands of emails.

And over that time I’ve found there are 5 emails that make more than all the other thousands I’ve written.

So I did something a little crazy. I turned those 5 email types into templates. Literally fill-in-the-blanks and send them out. It’ll take about 3-5 minutes per email is my guess. Pretty easy and fast in my book.

Now there’s a reason I did this. (Obviously.) I’m launching an Emails of the Month Club. I’m gonna send you 5 new templates every month (at least).

The best way to get you into it?

Give you the best emails I’ve ever written. You test them. You make it rain. You keep giving me some dollars each month to get new templates.

So I really went above and beyond my normal efforts to make sure these are super legit templates. If you know me at all, you know I’m a “better done than perfect” guy. One guy even called me the world’s laziest copywriter.

Well, that’s not the case with these templates. There’s a reason I waited a while to release them. I really put some detailed focus into making them something that’ll make you a whole bunch of warm soft dolla bills.

Now for these 5 emails…

They’re all extremely different…yet highly profitable. Here they are:

  1. The “how to push a boulder” email
  2. The “reply email”
  3. The “how to eat an elephant” email
  4. Did you call me?
  5. The ultimate question

After testing literally thousands of different emails…I’ve found 5 that made more money than anything else. It didn’t matter what niche I used them…just a few tweaks and they worked again and again.

For example, I used “the ultimate question” email template for a client in the survival space. They paid me $1500 to write it and it got four times more clicks than their best email! (I got an extra $5k for beating their email which was nice.)

I used the “reply email” to build my LionHeart Workshops business to a 7 figure business in just 3 months.

The “did you call me” email is the single best promo email I’ve ever sent. (It typically added over $10k to my promotion sequences in the water filtration space.)

The “how to eat an elephant email” is a simple email anyone can use to get someone off the fence. It works great for people who are right on the edge of buying…but just need a wee little nudge to make the decision.

And the “how to push a boulder” email? Well, that’s the single best performing email I’ve ever used. It absolutely killed it in the credit repair niche…and you can use it in yours as well.

Some of these work better for info products. Some are better for e-commerce.

Whether you write for physical products, high ticket services, info products, or just want to get clients as a freelancer…these templates will work for you.

Just sending out ONE of them to your list, a prospective client, or your client’s lists should pay for itself.

In fact, here’s what happened to my (slightly crazy) friend Jerry West:

This was Jerry West had to say about the templates:

“So I bought Ian’s templates, which I assumed were going to be complete shit, but Ian was funny as fuck, so I felt some guilt and bought them. You know, support the struggling comic or some shit like that. So I buy them and I don’t open them obviously. Cuz, you know. Then I am under the gun and I have to get some copy out for a product we have on Amazon. They needed it in 40 minutes. Fuck. I remembered the templates. Grabbed one and just started filling in the holes. Ported it into MailChimp and hit SEND.

48 hours later had over $80k in sales. Holy fuck. The struggling comic is a fucking genius. To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, sent another email on another campaign with another of Ian’s templates, and the conversion was 3x our already healthy conversion was.

I’m a believer. Ian knows his shit. Buy his shit. Rock your shit.


Email 1: The Boulder

This email is what I call a “correlation email.” It tells an entertaining and useful story in the beginning…and then transitions into a sale.

This is the email that made more money than any other email for the credit repair list of 1.2 million people that I used write for.

And you don’t have to write it yourself. Just fill in the blanks and see what happens.

Email 2: The “Reply Email”

I used variations of this email to build a 7 figure business (LionHeart Workshops) in under 3 months…all from a tiny list of less than 3,000 people.

These work INCREDIBLY well if you’re selling high ticket courses, services, or freelancing.

It’s a really powerful way to use “conversational selling.”

It’s sooooo simple you won’t believe it works…until you try it.

Email 3: The “How To Eat an Elephant” email

You know the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Just about everyone has heard the story. But I turned this one into another powerful “correlation email” that you can use.

This is perfect at the end of a sales sequence. Or just to give people the “kick in the pants” they need to get off the fence.

Email 4: The “Did you call me?” Email

This email is the single most powerful sales email I’ve ever come up with. I figured it out almost by accident when I was selling water filters.

I tested a few different subject lines and this one ended up being the highest one I’ve ever tested.

Best of all, you can use it whether your business uses phone calls or not. I’ve used it again just with emails and it worked just as well.

This is powerful…but you can’t use it too often or you can screw up your relationship to your list.

But this was our most reliable email when we wanted a little cash injection into our water filter business.

It’s kinda like cheating if you sell physical products.

Email 5: The Ultimate Question

This is one of the most useful emails you can use if your goal is to get a lot of clicks.

It’s not always the best for pre-selling…but you get so many clicks that it makes up for it. We’re talking 4X the clicks of most other emails.

It’s like hitting the “nuclear bomb” switch on your click through rate.

I use this email periodically to get a bunch of people to click to a page I want them to see.

It works in every niche I’ve worked in.

Best of all it’ll take you about 3 minutes to fill in the blanks and send it out.

Here’s What This Newbie Marketer

Said About the Templates

Ron McKie said: I just wanted to share a small win with the group. I’ve been using the lessons I’ve learned so far in the “5-Figure Launches From Tiny Email Lists” bonus webinar to launch a small course to my list of 1600. So far I’ve made close to 4,000 dollars, and the launch ends on Sunday. So I could make more.

That was posted in the CopyHour group. “5-Figure Launches From Tiny Email Lists” bonus webinar is something Derek and I recorded based on the first launch I did with his list.

Ron is a football coach who had never sold anything online. He sold a product to other football coaches. So I think it’s pretty safe to say that these templates work in any niche…no matter what your experience level is.

So How Do You Actually Get These Templates?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

See, I’m actually gonna give you these templates. All you have to do is join my Emails of the Month Club where I’ll send you 5 brand new email templates every month.

You’ll receive these first 5 templates immediately.

Then, the first day of each month will basically feel like Christmas morning when I send you 5 new ones.

It’ll feel like I’m sending you money…except better. Cuz I’m sending you email assets that can make you money over and over again…like forever. That’s what’s so great about email. One great email can literally make you money forever in an autoresponder.

Especially when I’ve already written and TESTED these emails for you. That’s one the biggest differences between what I do and what most “marketers” do. They just send you products to make money. I actually TEST these things. I make mistakes. I write emails that don’t “crush it.” I mean it’s rare but happens 😉

I’ll make the mistakes on my dime…

Then each month I’ll take the best emails I’m using and I’ll turn ’em into templates for you.

5 emails a month would cost you $7500 a month if I wrote them for your business.

If I wrote each of these emails for you you’d have to pay me a MINIMUM of $1500 each (If I still did freelancing) and you’d have to buy a package of 10 emails to get that rate. That’s not some hype-y sales tactic, I simply rarely freelance anymore.

However you can get access to all of these templates right now.

And then you’ll get your 5 new emails every month for just $57 a month. That’s less than $12 per email. Which is 1/125th of what you’d have to pay if I wrote them for you.

You literally just have to fill in the blanks with your product name, market, and solutions and you’re ready to send.

You can “write” all 5 of these emails in less than half an hour and have one out to your list and making money within the hour.

So just click the button below now and by this time tomorrow you can send me a testimonial of how happy you are with your templates 🙂

You’ll get the first 5 emails immediately and then the next 5 at the start of the next month.

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