Gray Box Trading and NinjaTrader Triangulation 2023

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Gray Box Trading And NinjaTrader Triangulation 2023

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Run TRIANGULATION Instantly Without Any Market Experience!

Gray Box Trading Algorithms Are Designed To Do The Heavy Lifting For You.

TRIANGULATION is unique in that it employs mathematical sequences found in nature. Though the math may be complex, the process of actual execution for the end user [you] is quite simple.

This algorithm utilizes The Seal of Solomon (also referred to as The Star of David), which throughout history has had monumental and, in some civilizations, mystical significance. This same formation occurs in ALL markets and although it is easy to find, cracking the code contained within the unseen factors of market behavior was made possible through the TRIANGULATION algorithm.

By applying this complex math, we can take a simple object like The Seal of Solomon and produce extraordinary results through algorithmic trading, thereby achieving instant success.

Mathematical sequences found in nature show us their future sequences in their DNA and replication processes. Because this exists to be true, we can know in advance how that specific formation will form in the future and predict with uncanny accuracy how, when, and where that will happen.

TRIANGULATION exploits this by employing The Seal of Solomon, which is found in all markets. Then, by applying a specific code adapted to this market sequence, we likewise can know similar factors about future market movement.

Triangulation will know 3 specific elements prior to entering the market.

It will know the exact time to enter your trade. It will know the exact entry price to get in and exactly where to take profit. It will also know the specific direction, whether to go long or get short. All of this BEFORE your trade is initiated!

  • Exact time to enter!
  • Exact price to enter

and take profit!

  • Exact direction

(long or short)

To activate a trade, all you need to do is enter two specific times into the program that I will teach you how to find. But don’t worry. This is not difficult.

In a short video, I will walk you through very simply how to find The Seal of Solomon in any market you choose to trade. This seal will reveal two specific times. You will do nothing more than enter these two times into the software, click run, and the program will do the rest for you.

That’s it! You can sit there and watch the trade if you want to, or you can go about your day. Once you get the hang of it, it should only take you 1-3 minutes to set up each trade. You can trade a single market or multiple markets. You can trade as often or as little as you’d like.

What to expect:

You should have high expectations when using TRIANGULATION. That’s a bold statement, but you will quickly see why I have so much confidence in this semi-automated trading program. Since regulations prevent me from making claims, you should at very least have some expectations going into this. Here are only a few of the many things you should expect when using TRIANGULATION.

  • You’ll be able to trade any market, any day, any time that market is open!*
  • You’ll have the confidence to face even the most intimidating markets!
  • You should expect TRIANGULATION to perform at an institutional-grade level!

Triangulation works on small accounts just the same as it does on large accounts. In fact, you could even run a fund of any size with this program!

If you know how to draw a triangle and tell time, you can do this!

  • Be your own fund manager!
  • No trading experience required!
  • Make your first trade on day one!

TRIANGULATION Is One Of The Best Kept Secrets Hidden In Plain Sight!