Google Ads Mastery Workshop 2021 (No Bonus) By Kasim Aslam – Digital Marketer

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Google Ads Mastery Workshop 2021 (No Bonus) By Kasim Aslam – Digital Marketer – Instant Download!

How To Launch and Scale a “Four-Stage” Google Ad Campaign That’s Profitable To Cold Audiences… Even If You’ve Failed At Google Ads In the Past

“But Google Ads Are Way Too Expensive…”
Be honest…

Have you given up on Google Ads because they’re too competitive and too expensive?

You’re not alone.

Most marketers we know generate 80% (or more) of their traffic from Facebook and Instagram, because there’s a belief that Facebook is cheaper and easier.

But what if that weren’t the case?

What if you could generate consistent, profitable clicks from Google, and what if it were easier to manage than Facebook?

You can…

Introducing: The Four-Stage Formula For FINALLY Making Google Ads Work
Look, I get it. Facebook and Instagram are the go-to traffic source for most marketers.

But here’s something you may not know:

  • 63,000 searches get processed by Google each second1, so the channel is MASSIVE!
  • Google delivers an 8:1 return on investment2 (if you know what you’re doing)
  • $1-$2 is the average cost-per-click for Google Ads3 (Compare that to FB these days.)
  • $1 or less is the average CPC for the Google Display Network4
  • People who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase5 (so yes, it converts)
  • 35% of users purchase a product within 5 days of searching for it on Google6 (so if you aren’t there and your customer is, they’ll make the sale instead of you)

In other words, Google Ads can be…


BETTER converting, and…

EASIER to scale…

…than Facebook ads, if (and this is a big “IF”) you know what you’re doing. (Which you will.)

And let’s face it. Facebook isn’t enough, anyway…

You Need More Than One Source Of Traffic
More than likely your business isn’t at risk, but it’s hard to ignore the facts…

This year, alone, Facebook has deleted 22.5 MILLION posts, banned entire ad categories without warning, and are hinting that they will limit the number of ads that advertisers are about to run in 2021.

What next?!?

Don’t get me wrong. At DigitalMarketer, we love Facebook and we believe Facebook ads are a critical component of any paid traffic strategy. But with everything happening in the world today, I think we can all agree that a little diversification is a very, very good idea.

And that’s why we’re hosting this one-time-only workshop…


In this workshop, “Getting Google Ads to Finally Click: 4 Campaigns to Turn Search into Sales” Kasim will show you:

  • The “Golden Ratio” ad strategy that’s the key to making Google Ads work…even in competitive markets
  • The 4 campaign-types every advertiser must know (but that few actually implement)
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of a campaign buildout so you can start generating clicks the very next day
  • A little-known keyword strategy that identifies the hottest buyers your competition is missing
  • The “2 – 4” bid strategy that’s the key to making competitive keywords profitable, PLUS…
  • All the proprietary tools, templates, and checklist you need to eliminate confusion and launch a profitable Google Ad campaign the right way, the first time.

Here’s how it’ll work…

By the end of this live, virtual training, you’ll know how to build a full Google Ads campaign that leverages the 4 critical ad-types:

  • Branded: This is a campaign that protects your brand and prevents competitors from stealing your traffic! It also ensures that people who are looking for you find you quickly (and go where you want them to go) and gives you critical data to optimize conversions once they’re off of Google and on your site. (TIP: Many advertisers don’t bid on their own branded terms, but you’ll see why it’s not only essential, but highly profitable, too.)
  • Competitor: This campaign targets your closest competitors, and allows you to ethically snipe their traffic by positioning your product or service as the perfect contrast. It’s sneaky, but oh so effective.
  • Remarketing: 98% of your traffic isn’t going to convert on their first visit! This campaign brings people back around and helps you continue to stay in front of prospects, reinforce your brand, and maximize your conversions. This campaign delivers the highest ROIs, but without the other three, your results will dry up in weeks, if not days.
  • General: This is the campaign that finally lets you SCALE your marketing by tapping into the MASSIVE volume that Google can deliver. (63,000 searches a second, remember?) IMPORTANT: Don’t attempt this campaign-type in isolation, or you will almost certainly lose money. This only works if you launch and optimize the other three campaigns, first.

You’ll also…

  • Gain an understanding of bidding strategies from launch to long-term sustainability
  • Know how to properly set up conversion tracking (the #1 most catastrophic error people make in their Google Ads!)
  • Understand the fact vs fiction of Google’s recommendations (SPOILER ALERT: They aren’t always shooting you straight on the bid and budget recommendations.) 🙂
  • Know when to play by the rules, and when to “break the rules” the right way to get the best results

And to make the process as simple and repeatable as possible, we’re also throwing in these four “copy and paste” templates:

Google Ads Mastery Workshop 2021 (No Bonus) By Kasim Aslam - Digital Marketer

Campaign Creation – Through this set of 3 worksheets we will walk you through:

  1. Setting goals for each of the 4 campaign types
  2. Targeting the ad groups and keywords to support those campaigns
  3. Crafting the copy you will use to launch your campaigns

Campaign Launch Checklist – A step-by-step process for your campaign settings, ad groups & keywords, ad copy PLUS weekly and monthly check-ins for your campaigns as they scale.

Your Instructor

Google Ads Mastery Workshop 2021 (No Bonus) By Kasim Aslam - Digital Marketer

Kasim Aslam
Founder & CEO, Solutions 8
Kasim is the DigitalMarketer ELITE traffic coach – our highest tier accelerated growth coaching program. He was recently named one of the Top 50 marketing thought leaders by the University of Missouri and he’s the author of best-selling book 7 Critical Principles of Digital Marketing. His company, Solutions 8, has been in business for 14 years, with a significant amount of experience with high clients, from one of the world’s foremost authorities in SEO to Harley Davidson. He’s built an entire business on Google Ads that focuses ONLY on Google Ads.

Google Ads Mastery Workshop 2021 (No Bonus) By Kasim Aslam – Digital Marketer, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 1. Foundations of Google Ads
  • 2. Building Your Campaigns – Account Creation and Branded Campaign
  • 3. Building Your Campaigns – Remarketing, General, Competitor
  • 4. Management and Optimization
  • Resources