Gobal Trading Software – xBrat Range Breakout 2023

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Gobal Trading Software –  xBrat Range Breakout 2023

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xBrat Range Breakout

Designed to help define opening ranges of major markets, along with Gold Pit opens, Oil Pit opens and for major economic data points. We recommend timeframes for opening ranges on different type of instruments further down this description.

What do you get

NinjaTrader xBrat Range Breakout

Every successful trader uses a reliable technical strategy for detecting/trading profitable opportunities. In fact, we have technical indicators that help us determine when to open a trade and even ride the right breakout.

Unfortunately, most of the NinjaTrader indicators cannot accurately tell you when to open and close a trade.

Therefore, experienced traders turn to third-party software like the NinjaTrader xBrat Range Breakout. With Bratby’s software, you can never miss an exceptional trading opportunity or/exit a position before it turns against you.

What Is The NinjaTrader xBrat Range Breakout?

The NinjaTrader xBrat Range Breakout shows you the opening ranges for the leading markets together with Oil Pit Opens, and Gold Pit Opens. If it’s a bearish market, then the chart will be color-coded red, with the range being reddish.

NinjaTrader xBrat Range Breakout selects the right timeframes for opening the right ranges. It also grants you 6 range data points, including 4 pre-defined points and 2 for the crucial data points. Fortunately, you can easily adjust the label names and times.

The four pre-defined openings include:

  1. NYSE Open (9:30 am EST)
  2. New York Gold Pit Open (8:20 am EST)
  3. London Stock Exchange Open (9:00 am Europe time)
  4. Europe Gold Pit Open (8:00 am Europe time)

How Does NinjaTrader xBrat Range Breakout?

Generally, we define the range using some parallel colored cloud whose color changes depending on the opening range’s BIAS. The chart’s Open Tag is usually colored to help you spot the BIAS.

This stipulates the direction you should take with the open range after the initial candle closes. The BIAS range then continues to be drawn until the next day opens. But most importantly, the color will continue changing as per the open range’s BIAS.

Our system will show you several breakouts of the defined range in the next 24 hours. To help you understand this system, you need to know the following range breakout Bias colors:

  1. Yellow (Neutral BIAS): When the 1st candle closes, you can look for either bearish or bullish breakouts, and don’t trade when it’s neutral.
  2. Red (bearish BIAS): When the 1st candle closes, you should look for bearish breakouts and go short.
  3. Green (bullish BIAS): When the 1st candle closes, you should search for bullish breakouts and go long.

The best timeframes for opening ranges for data points or market open include:

  1. CDFs or Index futures (15-minute timeframe)
  2. Currencies – Futures or Forex Pairs (10-minute timeframe)
  3. CDFs or Energy and Metals Futures (5-minute timeframe)