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Learn how to set doable, inspiring business goals to keep you focused on the path to landing your first client (or 3!) and earning an income on your own terms.

Plus, we’ll show you how to select 5 options for services you can confidently start offering to clients, based on what you love, are already good at or are willing to learn (because you don’t have to be perfect to start getting paid).

Fully Booked VA Bonus Resource: Hourly Rate Calculator to set an initial price for your services that you feel good about — so you can start replacing your current salary or hit your first income goal FAST!



Learn the 7 ways you can source potential clients and a step-by-step process to connect with them… even if you worry that you don’t have a big network or you don’t know anyone who could hire you.

All the scripts and real-life examples you need to nail it are included! Plus, see actual exchanges I’ve had with potential clients, and templates you can use to pitch and talk to potential clients in a way that sells your services… without being awkward, pushy or weird.

Fully Booked VA Bonus Resource: The #FBVA Pitching Challenge to get you into action and out of overthinking.



Know exactly what to do when someone is interested in working with you! Steal our approach for having interviews with prospective clients to determine if you’re a fit and how to follow-up (without the sweaty armpits).

We’ll also show you how to increase your hourly rate with new or existing clients, or even transition to “set” packages that allow you to better serve your clients and charge a higher rate.

Fully Booked VA Bonus Resource: Interview follow-up templates that increase your odds of getting a YES!



Show clients a professional level of service that blows them away right from the start. You’ll learn how to send a proposal, cover your bases with a contract and onboard clients effectively to set expectations and boundaries.

We’ll also show you how to set up your process for getting paid by clients consistently and on-time, and our favorite tools and methods to manage your projects and stay on top of your responsibilities with ease.

Fully Booked VA Bonus Resources: Client onboarding worksheets, proposal and contract templates.



Navigate client tango like a pro. Discover how to build amazing work relationships with clients that leave them feeling satisfied and eager to send you referrals.

Learn how to communicate with clients, deal with mistakes when they happen and set yourself up for success long term.

We’ll also share how to regularly evaluate your client relationships to make sure each project aligns with your goals… and ensures maximum enjoyment (and profit) of your work!

Fully Booked VA Bonus Resource: Client Exit Worksheet to help you breakup gracefully with a client who is no longer a fit.



It’s time to make your own business run smoothly (not just your client’s!). Learn how to build effective work processes that allow you to get more done in less time.

Avoid doubling up on work by planning your week in a way that makes sense, and build value for your clients by helping them develop Standard Operating Procedures that save time and confusion.

From task batching, to effective habits, time management tools and more, we’ll show you how to make sure your work doesn’t take over your life.

Fully Booked VA Bonus Resource: Develop a workflow that works with the Map Out Your Ideal Work Schedule Worksheet.



Now that you’re in motion, learn about the 5 core specializations you can choose as a VA and how to decide which one (or a mix!) is right for you.

When you specialize your services, you’re able to build a deeper skillset in an area that clients value — and one that you enjoy. Specialization allows you to reduce your workload, cut down on overwhelm and most importantly, raise your rates while becoming more “referable” to your ideal clients!

You’ll use the insights you develop in this module to choose your “Specialization Track” in phase 2 of the program, which gives you all of the training and how-to confidence you need to become a specialist in your chosen area and scale your income without working more hours.

Fully Booked VA Bonus Resources: Exclusive, niche-specific interviews with #FBVA students who are ROCKING their area of speciality… so you can too!



Learn how to build an online presence without being chained to social media or your laptop 24/7. We’ll show you a simple, effective process for growing the visibility of your business and “planting your flag” online.

We’ll show you how to use social media strategically to show clients you’re legit, craft a simple online resume and choose your initial brand name and colors… without getting overwhelmed or stuck on the details that don’t really matter.

Fully Booked VA Bonus Resources: Online resume template to quickly summarize your core skills and experience to potential clients (even if you’re worried you have none)!

GO FULL-TIME (if that’s what you want)


Learn the legal side of setting up your biz so you’re 100% bona fide. If, like many of our students, you have your sights set on taking your VA business full time, we’ll show you how to craft a game plan to do exactly that.

We’ll explore how to give your own biz the same amount of love you give to your clients, how to take time off without stress and how to address things like healthcare benefits and retirement savings when you’re self-employed.

Learn how to ensure your business supports your long-term financial and lifestyle goals… and map out your plan to make it happen!

Fully Booked VA Bonus Resource: 90-day Marketing Planner to help you create a sustainable marketing rhythm that helps you stay top-of-mind for your perfect peeps!