George Hutton – Intelligence Accelerator


Install Photographic Memory and Skyrocket Creativity

Master Practitioner of NLP, Covert and Milton Model Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and Reiki Certification, George has a degree in physics, several years experience in sales, and has published numerous books, courses, and self development material.

You were born a genius. Only by the time you finished elementary school, your super memory and genius creativity was replaced by an obedient input-output machine. In you didn’t do well in school, it’s not your fault. Not only is classical education the worst environment for learning, it wasn’t even designed to be a teaching system

What You’ll Learn In Intelligence Accelerator?

  • Unleash Your Inner Genius
  • Rapidly Learn Complicated Information
  • Increase Intelligence and IQ
  • Learn Languages Quickly
  • Pass Tests With Ease
  • Develop Money Making Skills
  • Survive In Any Economy
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Two Hypnosis Sessions
  • Five Affirmation Sessions
  • Three Brainwave Sessions
  • Classical Music Embedded with Isochronic Tones

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