Gemma Bonham-Carter – The Passive Project

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Gemma Bonham-Carter – The Passive Project

Gemma Bonham-Carter – The Passive Project

Gemma Bonham-Carter – The Passive Project

What You Get:

The program for established Course Creators who are ready to enroll students more consistently in their offers, build an evergreen sales system, and sustainably grow their revenue to 6-figures and beyond.

  • Monthly CEO Coaching Calls with Gemma, where she teaches a workshop on a hot topic and makes time for Q&A
  • Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls with our Paid Ads Specialist, Melissa Litchfield – bring your questions and get her conversion-focused eyes on your business
  • Quarterly Launch Clinics with Launch Expert, Chelsea Wallace, where you can plan a launch or debrief one
  • Weekly Feedback and Support inside our Students-only Facebook Group
  • Our Guest Expert Series – Every quarter, we bring in top minds from various fields in digital marketing to share their knowledge and insights


 Evergreen Experience

Build a personalized, evergreen sales “machine” that runs on autopilot. Forget pushy sales tactics, and instead create an experience where your new leads feel seen and excited to enroll in your course. This 21-day primary evergreen funnel will sell your course 24/7 and become the main lead magnet in your business. You’ll learn how to analyze the metrics so you can easily optimize your funnel over time, as your business evolves. No matter how big your business gets, getting sales notifications when you’re away on vacay NEVER gets old.


Forever Funnel

Beyond your primary evergreen funnel (which is what you’ll build in Course #1), you’ll still want to make sales after that 21-day period. This is where long-term email marketing comes in! But it doesn’t always have to be real-time newsletters. Inside The Forever Funnel, you’ll learn a strategy that NO expert is talking about and build out a 6, 9 or 12-month email funnel to automate even more sales on a longer-term basis, so you can provide different “pathways to purchase” for your audience. As a bonus, we’ll show you how to sell secret upsells, downsells, and other offers, completely hands-off.


Launch University

Evergreen is amazing (and you could leave it at that!), but we have seen that layering evergreen with live launches together creates the most maximized revenue potential. Running a few live promotions a year creates hype, awareness, injects fresh life into your course, and turns into a sweet sales spike in your Stripe dashboard. Inside Launch University, we’re handing over our launch playbook and plug-and-play Launch Campaigns. Use these to run chill launches when you feel inspired to (and no, you don’t have to turn off the evergreen while you do it!).


Audience Accelerator

Once you have your evergreen system in place and chill launches planned, it’s time to pour fuel on the fire with accelerated lead growth. You’ll go into the Audience Accelerator and select a “Lead Gen Sprint” each quarter to work on. These sprints include a variety of organic and paid marketing strategies to help you effectively grow your audience.


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The Curriculum

The Passive Project includes a comprehensive curriculum with video lessons, templates and tools that you will use to build your evergreen ecosystem, run launches, grow your audience, and streamline your operations.

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The Calls

Every month you’ll join a live group call with Gemma, where she will share new insights, behind-the-scenes of her business, new training, and dive into student Q&As. Besides Gemma’s calls, you will also get access to live calls with members of our Coaching Team for additional feedback and support.

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The Community

The Passive Project isn’t just offering a course; it’s inviting you into an engaged, dynamic community of like-minded entrepreneurs. You know that saying – ‘your network is your net worth’? By joining us, you’re expanding your professional circle. We will help facilitate you teaming up for joint ventures, sharing visibility opportunities, and more. This isn’t just a group of ambitious peers – it’s your future collaborators, your sounding board, and your pathway to new opportunities.

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Gemma Bonham-Carter