Gary Ward – Biomechanics Of The Upper Body In Motion 2023

This programme follows on from the Closed Chain Biomechanics of the Lower Limb course – it is advised that you complete that course first before embarking on this one. Though it’s not strictly necessary, it is recommended as the two programmes come together at the end of the upper body programme to enable us to start looking at the mechanics of the whole body. The detail included in the Lower Limb programme is NOT included in this programme. Both together will form the pathway for future learning with Anatomy in Motion.

The intention of this online course is to introduce you to the three dimensional movements of the Upper Body so as to begin to understand the simplicity of whole body movement and how the body is perfectly set up to effortlessly move through the gait cycle.

Course curriculum

1) – Introduction to Biomechanics of the Upper Body In Motion

2) – Closed Chain Biomechanics – Pelvis, Ribcage and Skull

3) – Closed Chain Biomechanics – Arms, Scaps & Cogs

4) – Muscle Reaction To The Eight Body Shapes

5) – Eight Body Shapes & Two Leg Shapes

6) – Putting It All Together

7) – Summary

8) – Full Course Manual & Additional Products

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