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Dropshipping To Branding Course By The Ecom Wolf Pack
  • Dropshipping To Branding Course By The Ecom Wolf Pack

Dropshipping To Branding Course By The Ecom Wolf Pack


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Dropshipping To Branding Course By The Ecom Wolf Pack – Instant Dowload!

Dropshipping To Branding Course By The Ecom Wolf Pack

Get The Strategies I use to build 7-Figure Ecommerce Businesses!


  • Generate more sales and make more money.
  • Get consistent, predictable, and profitable growth month over month.
  • Input on how to optimize your unique store for maximum growth and profit.
  • Master Facebook, Pinterest and Google Ads, to Scale to 7+ Figures in one single platform.
  • Create a sustainable, enjoyable eCommerce business that supports your financial & lifestyle goals.

I offer the complete eCommerce business framework that teaches online entrepreneurs how to optimize & grow their online business (so you can turn more traffic into customers and unlock your full revenue potential).

Dropshipping To Branding Course

  • A-Z How to Create and Optimize Website for Conversions
  • 7 Figures Facebook Ads Blueprint
  • 7 Figures Pinterest Ads Blueprint
  • 7 Figures Google Ads Blueprint
  • Build your own brand, Source and Scale

See What Comes Inside

Welcome to The Ecom Wolf Pack

A message from the instructor
Importance of mindset
Why most people fail
Joining the exclusive group chat using telegram
Diferencia entre US y Europa con latinoamérica. (LATAM ONLY)

Shopify Basics & Product research

Examples of Successful Ecommerce Stores
Difference betweeen social media ads (Pinterest, Facebook) and Google (Search Engine)
Product research for Facebook + Pinterest ads
Product research using different tools
Product research For Google Shopping ads
Reverse engineering your competition
Suppliers you can use for dropshipping when starting out – Once at 30 orders a day work with our exclusive supplier for even faster shipping times
How to find suppliers (LATAM ONLY) don’t buy till you sell
General or Niche Store?
How to sign up and contact Shopify
How to name your store, trademark, and logo creation

Setting up your Shopify Store

Theme Selection- Debut Theme
How to set up your settings in your store
Shopify collections and pages
Shopify Main menu and Footer navigation
Connecting your domain
Checklist for Website

Product Importing

How to import products to your store using Oberlo
How to add your own products Manually
How to set pricing for your product
Test your learning

Product Descriptions

How to design your product page and website for optimal conversions
How to find awesome descriptions/Examples of awesome descriptions
Product description template
Apps you Need and Why
Introduction to Facebook Ads
Setting up Businesss Manager
Setting up your facebook page and ad account
Installing facebook App to set up Pixel and link accounts
Pixels – Everything you need to know
Overview of facebook campaigns
Facebook Advertising policies
Set up API Tracking Events
Facebook Feedback Scores

Preparing To Launch Your Ads

How to find your target audience
Preparing your Creative (video)
How to write a Winning ad copy and Headline
How to set up Creatives
How to set up your facebook campaigns ABO
Duplicating adsets and using existing posts – ABO
How to set up your columns for data reading
What to look for when testing products and key metrics (KPI-Key performance Indicators)

Fulfilling Orders

Negociate with suppliers prices with Bulk Orders and Find Back-Up Suppliers (LATAM ONLY)
Que pasa si quiero vender productos que no encuentro en mi país?? (LATAM ONLY)
Look for Local Agencies to ship products on your behalf with cash on delivery or build your logistics (LATAM ONLY)
Sourcing Agent and Faster Shipping Times

Facebook Ad Scaling

Should you scale or kill the product?
When should you scale ABO?
How to Scale? Vertical – Horizontal / ABO
Duplicating adsets for faster scaling
When should you use CBO to scale
How to use BROAD Targeting on Adsets

Retargeting Campaigns

Who do we want to retarget and when?
Creating Custom Audiences for Retargeting
Ad copy for retargeting
Setting up your retargeting campaign

Lookalike Audiences For Fb ads

When and How to Create LLAs
OVERVIEW-Which LLA to Create
How to create a LLA campaign
Scaling with LAL
Exclusions and When to use them

Maximizing profits with these strategies

Facebook ads advanced Strategies

7-Figure Pinteres Ads

Overview of Pinterest Ads, (Understading the Machine)
Create Your Pinterest Business Account
Set up Payment method and settings
Claim your Domain and IG Account
Setting up Your Pinterest Tag
How to make your Creatives
Campaigns Launch Strategy for Pinterest
Setting up your Campaings for Success
Interests Vs Keywords
Manual Biding Vs Automatic Biding
How to Deal with rejected ads
Scaling with Manual Biding
Scaling With Automatic Biding
Optimizing Adgroups
Retargeting Campaigns
Actalike Campaigns
Keep consistency and Sales over time

7-Figure Google Ads

Create Your Google Ads Accounts
Creating and setting up your Google Merchant Center
Feed Your Products to merchant center
Import your reviews to merchant center
Creating your shopping ads using 3 tier campaigns
Negative Keywords and how to use them
What KPIs to look for on Your ads
When to increase or decrease your bids
Scaling your campaigns

Build Your Own Brand

When to Brand your products and Why?
How to find a supplier for your product/s and Private label
How to buy in bulk and Get samples.
Protect yourself against scams.
Shippinng From Overseas/ Custom Charges / DDP


Dropshipping To Branding Course By The Ecom Wolf Pack

Dropshipping To Branding Course By The Ecom Wolf Pack

Dropshipping To Branding Course By The Ecom Wolf Pack

Dropshipping To Branding Course By The Ecom Wolf Pack, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-Welcome to The Ecom Wolf Pack
  • 02-Shopify Basics & Product Research
  • 03-Setting Up Your Shopify Store
  • 04-Product Importing
  • 05-Product Descriptions
  • 06-Apps You Need & Why
  • 07-Introduction To Facebook Ads
  • 08-Preparing To Launch Your Ads
  • 09-Fulfilling Orders
  • 10-Facebook Ad Scaling
  • 11-Retargeting Campaigns
  • 12-Lookalike Audiences For FB Ads
  • 13-Facebook Ads Advanced Strategies
  • 14-Maximizing Profits With These Strategies
  • 15-Pinterest Ads
  • 16-Google Ads