Drake Surach – ChatGTP Mastery Course


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Drake Surach – ChatGTP Mastery Course


Learn Prompt Engineering

My name is Drake Surach also known as AI Foundations on YouTube. I’ve been studying the ins and outs of ChatGPT since its release. After 100’s of hours making content and studying ChatGPT I am finally equipped to help you learn in-depth.

In this course, you’ll gain access to 25+ ChatGPT modules, updated content when ChatGPT updates, Notion workspaces for your success and organization.

What You’ll Learn In ChatGTP Mastery Course?

Section 1 – ChatGPT: The basics, account creation, use cases

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • Creating an account
  • The dashboard and settings
  • Free vs plus
  • ChatGPT use cases

Section 2 – Beginners Prompting

  • Prompting questions and commands
  • Output formatting
  • Concision and context principles
  • Adding system functions
  • Descriptors, styles, tones

Section 3 – Advanced Prompting

  • Few-shot prompting
  • Synthesized learning (dual prompt approach)
  • Prompt priming
  • Problem-solving paradigm

Section 4 – Plugins and Web Browsing

  • Enabling features and understanding opportunities
  • Web browsing guide and use cases
  • Plugins guide and use cases

Section 5 – Ethics and Limitations

  • Ethics
  • Limitations

Section 6 – How I’ve Applied ChatGPT for Success

  • Scaling my income using ChatGPT
  • Tailored health and workout plans using ChatGPT
  • Generating AI image prompts using ChatGPT

Section 7 – ChatGPT Organization Hub (Notion Template)

  • Workspace installation process
  • Workspace navigation
  • How to utilize this workspace

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