Course overview

Discover Raghee’s new automated swing trading system! This course is designed to target short-term swing trades in fast-changing markets.

What’s Included

  • DPMR Strategy Class (Value $497)
  • DPMR Tool Package DPMR Indicator Annual (Value $799)
  • Long-Term Portfolio Management
  • Using TOS and TradingView with Raghee
  • 2 Days Recorded Pro Live Trading (Value $400)
  • 2 Days Recorded Elite Live Trading (Value $400)
  • Sector Secrets Mastery Quarterly (Value $597)

About Author

Raghee Horner has been trading futures, forex, and options for over 30 years. Her love for her work and enthusiasm for teaching others shines through when you follow her in our Simpler Trading Futures Room, Simpler Trading Options Room and her Sector Secrets Mastery. She combines technical analysis and “big picture” market psychology to find strong setups. New to advanced traders can benefit from her trading knowledge in options, futures and stocks. Raghee enjoys nothing more than teaching her students how to ride the waves of trends in any market environment.

This Course Is Good For:

After 10+ months of extensive beta testing in live market conditions, Raghee released the Daily Price Movement Range (DPMR) Indicator and her automated short-term swing trading system. This system allows Raghee to know exactly when to buy, sell, or stay out of any swing trade.

Too busy to day trade? This course is designed to target short-term swing trades in fast-changing markets.

In this step-by-step training, you’ll discover:

  • How you can use Raghee’s automated system to take the guesswork out of your analysis.
  • How you can identify trends and key levels of support and resistance at a glance.
  • How Raghee’s combination of tools walks you into the right strategies you should be using.
  • How Raghee’s new Daily Price Movement Range tool will change how you look at your entries and exits.

Sign Up Now You Also Get These Exclusive Bonuses

DPMR Indicator Tool Package:

Get the same trusted tools Raghee wouldn’t trade without to tackle almost any market. This bundle includes the 34 EMA Wave, GRaB Candles, Propulsion Dots, and Darvas 2.0. You’ll also get the Sector Slow Stochastic and the MultiTrend indicators as well.

DPMR Subscription:

Daily Price Movement Range (DPMR) is a 6-month historical look back of daily price movement ranges. This means you can now decide on prices for entries, targets, and exits that are based on historical data. This is for trades that last from 24 hours to weeks. HPMR is for day trading and is NOT part of this class.

Long Term Portfolio Management:
This is a pre-recorded live session with Raghee where she’ll show you how to use DPMR with your long-term portfolios. In this bonus session, she’ll demonstrate what she’s doing on a longer time frame, how to adapt to volatile market events, and how to be more tactical in any market condition.

Using TOS and Trading View with Raghee:
Raghee will walk you through both thinkorswim® and TradingView. Get a complete breakdown of how she creates her charts, builds her watchlists, and much more.
Live Trading Sessions:
This is your opportunity to watch Raghee in pre-recorded sessions as she looks to catch clear “short-term” swing trades in an unpredictable market. These sessions offer an opportunity to see how Raghee analyzes the market while using her automated swing trading system.
Sector Secrets Mastery is where Raghee shares her actual trades in real-time. With this quarterly membership, you’ll get ongoing guidance from Raghee as she targets swing trades and portfolio-building setups. This Mastery is your opportunity to follow her in live trading sessions five days a week.

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