Domont Consulting – Digital Transformation Toolkit

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Domont Consulting – Digital Transformation Toolkit

Domont Consulting – Digital Transformation Toolkit

Domont Consulting – Digital Transformation Toolkit


This Digital Transformation Toolkit was created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte and BCG Management Consultants, after more than 3,000 hours of work.

It is considered the world’s best & most comprehensive Digital Transformation Toolkit.

It includes all the Frameworks, Best Practices & Templates required to successfully undertake the Digital Transformation of your organization.

Editable Toolkit to help you reuse our content: 400 Powerpoint slides | 30 Excel sheets | 80-min Video training

This Toolkit includes frameworks, tools, templates, tutorials, real-life examples, best practices, and video training to help you:

  • Undertake a successful digital transformation with a simple and comprehensive 5-phase approach: (I) Carry out a Business Case for Change, (II) Define the Digital Transformation Strategy, (III) Implement, Track & Manage Progress, (IV) Define and Implement the Change Management Strategy and Plan, (VI) Define and Implement the Communication Strategy and Plan
  • (I) Carry out a Business Case for Change: (1) Situation & key challenge, (2) Recommendation to launch a digital transformation, (3) Reasons for launching a digital transformation, such as “an increasingly digitally friendly world”, “a low digital maturity within our organization”, “an opportunity to generate additional revenue”, “an opportunity to decrease our costs”, “a great return on investment”, and “a perfect alignment with the corporate and business strategy”
  • (II) Define the Digital Transformation Strategy: (1) Key success factors, (2) Digital transformation program team, (3) Current and target digital maturity level, (4) Digital transformation vision, (5) Digital transformation strategic objectives to reach our vision, (6) List of potential projects to reach our strategic objectives, (7) Business cases to help us prioritize our list of potential projects, (8) Project prioritization, (9) Digital transformation roadmap including our prioritized projects, (10) Required technologies to implement the projects, (11) Required budget to implement the projects
  • (III) Implement, Track & Manage Progress: (1) Digital transformation program governance, (2) Digital transformation program dashboards, (3) Projects dashboards, (4) Projects plans, (5) Projects implementation using Agile, (6) Projects implementation using Design Thinking, (7) Projects implementation using the Traditional methodology, (8) Post projects evaluation and lessons learnt, (9) Post program evaluation and lessons learnt
  • (IV) Define and Implement the Change Management Strategy and Plan: (1) Company’s strategy, (2) Required change to implement the strategy, (3) Business roadmap, (4) Company readiness for change, (5) Structure and size of the change management team, (6) Roles & responsibilities, (7) Guiding principles, (8) Change Lean Canvas, (9) Change impact assessment, Etc.
  • (V) Define and Implement the Communication Strategy and Plan: (1) Communication Objectives, (2) Approach, (3) Communication Principles, (4) Key Stakeholder Groups, (5) Communication Channels, (6) Key Dependencies, (7) Communication Plan, Etc.
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Domont Consulting – Digital Transformation Toolkit