Derek Murphy – Reader Seduction (Your First 1000 Fans)

Powerful list building strategies and an exclusive book giveaway tool that will help you reach your first 1000 email subscribers FAST

Tired of trying to promote your books and seeing no results?

Now you can QUICKLY build a targeted email list of your ideal readers, and learn how to ENGAGE them into raving fans.

Whether you’re self-publishing or pitching your book to a literary agent, building your email list is the #1 way to drive sales and have a bestselling book launch. But how does that actually work, if your book is invisible and you’re not getting any traffic?

When I ed writing fiction, I used book giveaways and contests to build a list of over 8500 readers. These days, I easily get 1000 subscribers a week on autopilot, and my main list is usually around 50K (I have to cut subscribers each month because my lists grow too quickly!).

But until recently, I sucked at email marketing.

I could build big lists, but I wasn’t keeping them engaged. I was afraid to email too often, and sometimes months would go by without sending a single email. My subscribers didn’t know who I was; and they weren’t interested in buying my books. Most of them weren’t even opening my emails! So I determined to focus on learning what to do AFTER they signed up. Mostly, this includes:

★ Telling more personal stories

★ Building trust and rapport

★ Providing massive value

★ Using loops and hooks to increase open rates

★ Leading them on a journey towards my product

★ Getting engagement and shares

★ Encouraging my list to review follow me on social media

★ Sending emails they LOVE to read

★ Emailing more often without being annoying

★ Making them WANT your book or product

★ Give them a deal they can’t refuse.

Because here’s the thing: selling to strangers is really hard. But if you can get people to know, like and trust you – just by showing up in their inbox with great content – they’re going to be much more likely to support you. They might even become raging fans. With 1000 of those, you can change the world.

Build your list quickly. Turn them into superfans.

This course will help you get your first 1000 subscribers quickly – even before you launch your first book – and turn them from passive subscribers to active supporters. I’m including all the powerful list building strategies I’ve used to get over 100,000 subscribers, and also the best email automation and autoresponder sequences to “warm them up” so that they’re engaged and ready to buy from you.

But that’s not good enough…

To get the results I want, I’ve needed to use two different giveaway apps: first I use KingSumo, which is best for viral sharing and getting email signups ($198 for lifetime access). Then I use Gleam for smaller giveaways for more engagement on specific tasks – following me on social media, sharing my post, etc. ($390/year).

That’s over $500, and most authors can’t spend that much just on giveaway apps – don’t forget you still need to buy the actual prizes! So I decided to make my own giveaway app for authors. It doesn’t do everything. I built it to be cheap, simple and effective. But if you use it the right way, it’s extremely powerful.


Bookfetti is a new giveaway app for authors that looks beautiful and boosts conversions by adding extra features, like video backgrounds, one-click Facebook connection, and a timer countdown.

You can check out a sample giveaway HERE or HERE or HERE.

I’m bundling it with this course, so you’ll get lifetime access to a giveaway app and listbuilding strategy you can use over and over again for epic results!

Why it’s awesome…

★ Bookfetti is hosted on its own domain, so you don’t need to install anything
★ You can use Facebook connect OR an optinbox that connects with your service
★ Life time access, unlimited giveaways

I may using this app just for optin landing pages, because I think the 1-click Facebook connect feature will significantly boost optin rates.

You’ll also learn…

★ 7 foolproof list-building strategies you can use for any project
★ How to build a huge list before you launch your first book
★ How to engage freebie-seekers and turn them into real fans
★ How to convince your list to actually buy from you
★ My epic book launch strategy for hitting #1 and staying there
★ Design templates for graphics to make your giveaway attractive
★ Exactly what to offer for your optin bribe (dozens of specific examples)
★ Cheatsheet and swipe files you can use for your own autoresponders
★ How to encourage your list to leave dozens of positive reviews
★ How to use your list to boost your website traffic
★ How much should you email and what to say (with specific timelines)

★ UPDATE: GDPR rules and regulations to make sure your giveaways and lists are 100% compliant with the new email marketing laws! (coming soon)

Email marketing can definitely be an important asset to your business (usually your #1 resource) but only if you’re growing it quickly, generating new leads on autopilot, and putting them through a sales funnel that gets them to know, like and trust you.

Course Curriculum

  • How to use this course (READ ME) (33:12)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (27:34)
Why build a list and how to get ed
  • Which email provider to choose (Mailchimp vs alternatives) (14:58)
  • Do you really need an email list? (Common objections) (12:37)
  • How to use your list to improve your offer (2:05)
How to build a list quickly (7 ways)
  • The two types of subscribers (5:58)
  • 7 ways to grow a list quickly (20:20)
  • A free guide, report or story (20:24)
  • Viral book giveaways (36:13)
  • How to choose your optin offer (25:42)
  • Facebook advertising
Building trust and engagement
  • Reasons to read a book (2:32)
  • How to turn subscribers to buyers (30:14)
  • My Fiction Funnel (36:01)
  • My Nonfiction Funnel (51:43)
  • Increase open rates (14:18)
  • What to write about (email series/autoresponder sequence)
  • How often to email (and avoid annoying subscribers) (23:37)
Setting up and getting organized
  • Setting up Mailchimp (35:42)
  • Setting up MailerLite (33:58)
  • Adding an optin form, popup or “welcome mat” to your website (60:59)
Using Bookfetti and the giveaway app
  • Signing up and getting ed (16:20)
  • Styling and designing graphics
  • Privacy Policy and Terms
  • Sharing the giveaway
  • Using the KingSumo App
Wrapping up and fond farewell
  • Thanks and good luck! (4:20)
  • Still got questions?

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