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Dan Sheridan – Options Foundations Class


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Dan Sheridan – Options Foundations Class

Dan Sheridan – Options Foundations Class

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Options Foundations Class

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Class Overview

Class Description:

Build a practical option foundation for monthly income. This class will teach you the essentials of building your own option trading business, including the practical foundational aspects of Volatility, the Greeks, Foundations of Spreads, Covered Calls, Butterflies, and Calendar Spreads.

Class Format: This class is a collection of video recordings from the actual Live class that was previously offered. Once a student buys a class, an email is then sent, containing login credentials to access the archived class page. Typically, each class runs for four weeks, with two classes each week. Some classes contain additional videos and sessions. Purchasing access to a class gives access to all class recordings, as well as trade updates, PDF’s and PowerPoints. Any questions? Email us at

Class Specifics:

  • You are welcome to ask questions directly to Dan or another mentor
  • Each class recording is a minimum of 1 hour, total of 10-12 hours approximately
  • All fees for online classes are deductible towards our GOLD Mentoring Program ($1000 limit) Click Here

Course Content:

Class 1– Foundational Concepts, the Greeks & Live Execution, Picking a Broker, Commissions

Class 2– Introduction to Spreads and Adjustments

Class 3– Volatility

Class 4– Credit Spreads & Iron Condors

Class 5– Calendars

Class 6– Butterflies

Class 7– Long-term Strategies

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