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Terrified to be Scammed by a Professional Dater whose Heart is Colder than the Ukrainian Winter?​​

I understand your situation, so let’s be honest about it …

You’re not in your twenties anymore and you secretly dream of meeting a younger, intelligent and beautiful woman for a long-term relationship.

You might even be open to the idea of getting married …

Being alone is not that much fun after all.

Most women that are available in your local town are spoiled, overweight and complain way too much. Quality women are often being taken by someone else before you even know that they are single.

Is there still any hope?

Well, you’ve heard about this place called Ukraine …

You might even have been there yourself …

Ukrainian women are renowned for being intelligent, elegant, slim, classy and more importantly, they’re interested in meeting a foreign man like you!

There’s only one problem though …

How do you know if your date is more interested in your wallet than your heart?

If you know anything about Ukraine, you also know that there are scammers everywhere, especially on the dating scene.

Americans lost $200 million in 2019 alone to romance scams and a big part of that comes from dating scams in Ukraine.

Let me give you a few examples of what kind of scams we’re talking about here:

  • You spend months chatting with a beautiful young woman on a dating site. You spend thousands of dollars but that’s ok because this time it’s real love! You spend a few more grand on presents, her visa and her flight but when you’re waiting for her at the airport it’s a no-show. You realize you fell in love with a stupid photo!
  • Your date takes you to a restaurant and all of a sudden all her friends show up. After they order something in Russian, the waiter comes with fresh lobsters and champagne. The bill ends up in your hands and you realize that all of a sudden everything is in New York prices. Only later you find out that your new ‘friends’ get a kickback from the owner.
  • Your date invites you to a spa. When she gets there, she ‘realizes’ she doesn’t have a swimsuit. She asks you to pay for her $500 bikini and after your date is over she goes back to the shop to claim a ridiculous commissionCha-Ching!

Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

We’re talking about cold-hearted women who mercilessly rob you of your savings that you worked so hard for. Men like you end up losing thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars that they will never see again.

They feel helpless.

How would you feel?

Or maybe this has already happened to you once before?

Then you know that it actually gets much worse …

How Cold-hearted Scammers Destroy your Life …

Tens of thousands of Western men like you end up wasting months, sometimes even years of your life.

So after you finally discover that your date is fake, you’re not only a few years older than when your Ukrainian beauty hunt started, you now also look five years older because of all the stress that this nasty scam has caused you!

Sounds scary?

I know, it is scary!

But what if you could learn to avoid these scams?

What if there was a way to avoid losing a ton of money, months of your life, huge humiliation and long term depression as a result?

How I can help you

After spending most of my time in Eastern Europe for almost a decade, I know every scam in the book. And I can help you avoid them all. Learn to evade these scams, and you can:

  • finally relax and enjoy the places that you want to visit without having to watch every move someone makes in your surroundings;
  • increase the chances of meeting a high-quality woman who’s honest and worth going on a date with;
  • not have to be completely on your guard with your lady as if she’s the enemy;
  • save yourself a whole bunch of money that you can then spend on romantic adventures with the woman of your dreams instead;
  • avoid funding criminal enterprises that make lawless Ukraine a worse place for innocent people like you; and
  • be more motivated and comfortable coming to Eastern Europe to find the love of your life.

Join Slavic ScamBuster Secrets!

Hi, I’m Conor Clyne!

In my former life I worked as a lawyer at the European Commission and I now help high level Western men to find their dream woman in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova without getting scammed.

The videos on my popular YouTube channel ‘Tsar Experience’ have been watched over ten million times …

What you will learn …

In my Slavic ScamBuster Secrets you will learn will learn all my tactics that will help you to defeat cold-hearted scammers online and in Ukraine.

You will learn how to protect your pocket, avoid a dating trauma and find the women of your dreams.

Here a few examples of what you will learn:

  • How bad the scamming culture in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Moldova really is, so that you’re well prepared and know what to watch out for.
  • What types of dating scammers there are so that you can instantly realize when someone is trying to scam you.
  • Who’s behind the scamming? So you can avoid further escalations and stay safe.
  • Detect online scammers and avoid losing thousands of dollars and the complete humiliation you get when you find out you fell in love with a photo.
  • How to detect those who want to scam you in person and avoid awkward situations when you’re there.
  • How to make sure your date is not a scammer without being rude to her and scaring her away.
  • How to avoid that your date takes advantage of you not speaking Russian so that you don’t end up paying for her and her friends’ freshly flown-in oysters and champagne.
  • If they don’t want your money, then what do they want? Learn how to attract honest women and avoid a dating trauma.
  • How to test if your date has a sincere desire for a long term relationship so that you don’t end up wasting months of your life dating the wrong woman.
  • Are there honest matchmaking agencies in Eastern Europe and should you use them? This module will save you your hard earned money big time.
  • Scamming culture in Ukraine versus Belarus, is there a better alternative?
  • The kind of places you can find honest and reputable women, so that you don’t waste any time and energy searching in the wrong places.

Western tourists who fall victim to a scammer typically lose thousands of dollars and sometimes much more.