Chris Fox – Ads for Authors who Hate Math

Learn to run your ads in 30 minutes a day

Advertising is scary stuff, especially if you hate spreadsheets. If that’s you, take heart! This course will teach you to run profitable advertising campaigns using a simple aggregate sales model. You don’t need complex spreadsheets. You will not spend hours puzzling over read-through, and cost per click.

You’ll invest that time learning to find better images, and writing better marketing copy. You’ll learn how to refine audiences, and the best part? You’ll learn how to fit all this into 30 minute chunks, which will systematize your ad spend in a sustainable way that frees you up to write.

The book includes a breakdown of the Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, and BookBub advertising platforms with a list of pros and cons, and recommendations on how and where to use each platform. You’ll learn to pick the right platform, and then how to grow and prune ads on that platform.

Are you ready to advertising profitably? Let’s do this!

Your Instructor

Chris Fox

Chris Fox has written over 30 novels, but is best known among authors for his Write Faster, Write Smarter series. From 5,000 Words Per Hour to Plot Gardening to Write to Market Chris has engineered a road map to take any writer from hobbyist to professional. Chris spent many years in software and data analysis, and has used this model to sell over 750,000 books through Amazon and Audible since 2015. He resides in Marin, California, which can be found by following the scent of entitlement until you reach the town with teens driving Teslas.

Course Curriculum

Section 1
  • Module 1: The Aggregate Sales Model (7:21)
  • Module 2: 30-Minute Time Blocks (3:43)
  • Module 3: Building Audiences (22:07)
  • Module 4: Gathering Images (16:58)
  • Module 5: Writing Good Ad Copy (13:13)
  • Module 6: Designing Strong Ads (10:03)
  • Module 7: Oh No This Module Has MATH =O (7:12)
  • Module 8: Facebook Ad Basics (23:39)
  • Module 9: Amazon Ad Basics (15:53)
  • Module 10: Reddit Ad Basics (14:46)
  • Module 11: BookBub Ad Basics (10:44)
  • Module 12: Preparing Your First Campaign (37:08)
  • Module 13: Pruning Ads (34:09)
  • Module 14: Final Thoughts (9:19)

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