Cat Meyer – Sensual Awakening

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Cat Meyer – Sensual Awakening

Do you ever struggle with seeing yourself as a sensual being when you mainly see yourself as a mom, wife, or professional?
Maybe you have trouble with connecting to your body, your sensuality, + pleasure; or feeling shame in asking for what you truly desire.
Have you wondered where your vibrancy + passion for life gone?

The reality is that sensuality is a fundamental part of our identities.When a woman feels disconnected from her body + pleasure centers, she cannot be the best version of herself because something will always be missing.

Sensual Awakening brings women into the exploration of their bodies, pleasure, + deepest desires to cultivate intimacy within themselves.This 14 day initiation will help you heal the relationship with your body, activate your pleasure centers, + help you find aliveness in your body once again. This curriculum will guide you in cultivating a relationship with your burning desires so you can become the passionate, magnetic sensualist that lives within.

Women and their bodies deserve to be celebrated. Sensuality is our answer. All women are sensual and sexual beings and deserve the freedom to express themselves.

Pleasure shouldn’t fit in a box.

You deserve to feel good in and about your body.

You shouldn’t have to apologize for how you feel.

You don’t need permission to feel.

Jump start that sensual, embodied lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about…In this 14 day initiation, I give you my best guidance on breaking into the lifestyle of sensuality.

You may have gotten a glimpse into your sensual essence before… Maybe you’ve felt her flames, her power, her puuuurr and didn’t exactly know how to hold her. Babe… Let’s make sensuality a baseline for your life.

If you are craving a lifestyle of greater ease and sensuality in the body, these two weeks will transform your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

This isn’t just some fluffy course, either.

We are diving into the science of why your nervous system may be unable to fully RELAX and how that connects to your pleasure.

PLUS this course is trauma-informed + guides you into creating safety so you can connect to that pleasure again.

How to know if Sensual Awakening is for you:

✓ You’re seeking to really KNOW your body. And know what genuinely feels good for YOU- (Not what feels good for other people)

✓ You’ve explored avenues of self exploration + are looking for a true level up.

✓ Boundaries may have been a struggle in the past… And now you’re now committed to fully taking care of yourself.

✓ Unconsciously criticizing / critiquing yourself in the mirror? Yuuuup, time to let that go.

✓ You find yourself getting stuck “in your mind” throughout the day + would rather get “lost” in a steamy erotic life.

Listen, I value efficiency + realistic practices more than anyoneee. I’m an entrepreneur of my own company and recovering “type A” personality- Your girl can’t tolerate a bunch of woo + a waste of time! (Maybe you feel the same way.)

That’s exactly why I’ve given you these tangible, simple practices that have EMPOWERED myself + the clients I work with.

How Sensual Awakening Works:

Sensual Awakening is your initiation to feel the sensual essence within and without. Over 14 days you will receive:

✓13 interactive videos on the SCIENCE + practice of sensuality.

✓ A Sensual Awakening playbook chalk full of sensual practices + thought-provoking exercises

✓ Daily emails that guide you simply + safely into your sensually liberated self.

✓ Breast massage for greater activation of your heart space. (And orgasms.)

✓ Journal prompts to shed layers of limiting beliefs + disconnection.

✓ Insights on how to reclaim the affection towards your body + break through resistance, blocks, fears + heaviness on your heart.

✓ Tips on exactly how to identify + blast through resistance.

✓ Guided practices that allow you opportunities to feel the safety around RECEIVING. (In both the mundane + the sexy.)

✓ Meditations, Breathwork Audios + Sensual yoga flows for your pleasure to keep after the 14 days.

✓ Recommended pleasure products for your further and deeper exploration.

✓ Exclusive music playlists to turn on your pleasure centers.

✓ My favorite book recommendations for continuing exploration.

✓ Nutritional guide to foster your relationship to food and pleasure.

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