Career and Life Direction in Astrology Course By Kelly Surtees


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Career and Life Direction in Astrology Course By Kelly Surtees – Instant Download!

Career and Life Direction in Astrology Course By Kelly Surtees

What Should I do with My Life? This is an age old question, and one that will be explored in this 4 part training on career and life direction in astrology.

What Should You Do With Your Life?

Explore the topics of career, life direction and purpose and learn new ways to answer this question using astrology for yourself and for your clients.

What houses, planets and aspects really describe and define career? Where do we see life direction in the chart? Are there any special planetary phases or configurations to consider? What cycles trigger changes in career and life direction?

    • The first two classes in this course explore career and life direction in the natal chart.
  • The second two classes look at timing trends in the context of career and life direction.

Join Kelly Surtees for a deep dive into career and life direction through astrology.

This class is ideal for intermediate students. It’s assumed you will already know aspects and chart interpretation, and are looking to refine and go deeper with your understanding of birth chart work.

This online course will also cover timing techniques like transits and progressions, as they relate to career. It will be ideal if you are already familiar with these techniques as this course will show you how to apply timing tools to the topics of career and life direction.

If you have never studied aspects, transits or progressions before, it’s recommended you take a course on these topics first to get the most out of this training program.

Course includes four pre-recorded lessons with video, audio, slides, reading material and homework assignments, and pre-recorded Q&A sessions.

Also Includes: Bonus 1 hour, 40 minute video with Kelly “Purification and Power: Planets Conjunct the Sun, Combustion, and Cazimi.” Discover the power, potential and pitfalls of a planet conjunct the Sun. Learn about combustion and cazimi and how it affects a planet. Explore the talents this planet can indicate, and learn the limitations it might show. How and where in your life will you see this planet’s influence? Kelly will take you through a step-by-step guide to fully interpret the meaning and motivation of any planet near the Sun. A planet conjunct the Sun is temporarily invisible, and undergoes a rite of purification. This process can become a metaphor for your life.

Career and Life Direction in Astrology Course By Kelly Surtees, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 1. Teaching Assistant Introduction
  • 2. Session 1 The Midheaven
  • 3. Lesson 2 Career Aspects
  • 4. Session 3 Career Transits and Progressions
  • 5. Session 4 Progressed Moon Phases and Career
  • 6. 2022 Cohort Q&A Recordings
  • 0. Career and Life Direction Course