Andre Chaperon – Amazon FBA Fast Track

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Andre Chaperon – Amazon FBA Fast Track

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LIMITED TIME OFFER! For a limited time I am opening up FBA Fast Track to our waiting list for the first 100 buyers. Not only that, but you will AUTOMATICALLY be invited to the new “Fast Track 2.0” webinar and receive the complete Fast Track 2.0 product!

FBA Fast Track delivers:

  • Over 8 hours of content on how to start & scale your Amazon based ecommerce business
  • private Facebook community of seasoned sellers and people just like you starting out where you can ask questions and get real answers

Well, a lot’s changed in just a few months…

  • I (Andre) moved to lovely Gibraltar (and put my CrossFit dreams on hold — temporarily!)
  • Amazon’s made it a teensy-weensy bit harder to play in the supplement game
  • “Cool” Dave told a room full of six and seven figure earners that the “secret” to Amazon selling success is a lot like pee’ing on a window shutter…

(Sadly, that last one is 100% legit … it’s a long story that you’ll learn all about if you join us.)

All this is interesting but not that important.

What is important is this…

Our community is strong and in just a few months we’re hearing from folks that added four, five, and even SIX-figures to their income streams.

No magic.

No hype.

You don’t even get an orange “Livestrong” knockoff bracelet to wear to be part of the club…

(inside joke)

So it’s time … time to open our doors for a few days and let the couple hundred folks that just missed getting in last time come through the door and start building an honest-to-goodness business with Amazon.

And just like the business book example, it’s TOTALLY possible to distill what you need to know about selling on Amazon using their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, down to 2-4 hours on a webinar (fast-track style).

Don’t get me wrong…

ASM is a good course. If you have it, use it.

If you need the slower pace, the networking effect of a conference, and access to a large community using the same selling model, get ASM.

But if what you want are the essentials to get going and an ability to ask about YOUR situation, then we know we have value to offer you (in spades)…

Get Andre Chaperon – Amazon FBA Fast Track on bestoftrader.com

With our offer we’ve gone a step further, too…

We created a “bonus” element called “Beyond Amazon“.

In the “Beyond Amazon” section we address that. Stuff like…

  • Building your OWN STORE and how to market it
  • The reality of Amazon as your competitor instead of your partner
  • Selling higher ticket, higher margin stuff on a budget
  • Getting off your ass and sourcing the right way

… and that’s just some of it.

“Beyond Amazon” is a two video set…

Part 1 is an hour and 48 minutes (and 1 second). Along with the bullets above, it talks about the how to start your own e-commerce business (without Amazon) and fancy stuff like “multi channel marketing”.

Part 2 is all about traffic…

1 hour and 49 minutes (and 6 seconds) about generating traffic to your store (Amazon and otherwise).

It’s split into 3 sections:


  • organic traffic
  • social traffic
  • and paid traffic.


Know this — “Beyond Amazon” is  basically an entire stand alone course by itself.

So To Recap Our Offer…

Amazon FBA Fast-Track & Beyond teaches an evergreen business model made up of three training videos…

  1. Amazon FBA Fast-Track (4h:35m:52s) — covers everything you need to know about setting up shop on Amazon using their Fulfillment by Amazon service. It’s the same basic model taught in ‘Amazing Selling Machine’.… which btw, includes the controversial “Bitch Slap” Technique.
  2. Beyond Amazon (1h:48m:01s) — Here is where we teach you an “alternative model” to Fulfillment by Amazon. It’s everything you need to know to get started.
  3. Beyond Amazon Traffic 101 (1h:49m:06s) — This is the ninja stuff of how to leverage organic traffic, social traffic and paid traffic. What we teach here can be used both with an Amazon store and non-Amazon store.
  4. You’ll also get access a private Facebook group (where you’ll get continued support for 60 days, at which point the group will be left open for members to collaborate, mastermind together, and to support each other ongoing).(
  5. Downloadable mind maps of FBA Fast-Track and Beyond Amazon.

Get Andre Chaperon – Amazon FBA Fast Track on bestoftrader.com

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