Amira Rahim – Better Than Art School

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Amira Rahim – Better Than Art School

What You Get:

Module 1

Art Abundance Mindset

  • Quickly identify what your influences are and with my mentorship, you’ll find your north star to guide you toward a unique painting style.
  • Shift your subconscious in your sleep with healing meditations that attract wealth, opportunities, and increased confidence.

Module 2

Color Mastery

  • Learn exactly how to use the color wheel to your advantage when creating vibrant paintings that sell both online and in person.
  • Discover my unique approach for achieving color harmony in every single painting.
  • Explore what color palettes you’re attracted to and why, and watch as your visceral connection to color develops and grows.

Module 3

Composition 101

  • Infuse the 3 main elements of composition into your work to create intuitive blueprints for your paintings.
  • Decode the work of your favorite artists so you can expand your painting skills and vision.
  • Use the composition tools used by designers and photographers to strengthen your abstract work.
  • Easily learn how to assess your paintings and move past the “ugly duckling” phase to the finish line.

Module 4

Composition 201

  • Compose your paintings with ease and confidence using my 3Rs.
  • Discover how to effortlessly raise the vibrations of your paintings to avoid dull work.
  • Master the skill of adding detail and color alterations to strategically evolve your simpler compositions.

Module 5

Depth Through Detail

  • Build emotive, expressive paintings through intentional mark-making.
  • Explore how to apply translucent, opaque, and fluorescent paints to create depth in your work.
  • Learn how to include additives to create glazes and patterns in your art.

Module 6

How to Make Your Acrylics Look Like Oils

  • Experiment with how to build compositions using different textures.
  • Incorporate mixed media to increase the value of your paintings.
  • Apply new ways of building layers onto the canvas to capture and build interest.

Module 7

Styles of Abstraction

  • Learn from other expert-inspired paintings created with spray paint, enamel, other paint types, and more.
  • Gain a new perspective on floral, landscape, and figurative styles of abstraction (with bonus guest lectures).

Module 8

Finishing a Painting

  • Learn how to sign and title your work like a professional artist.
  • Discover the key to varnishing your work so your paintings stay vibrant and pristine forever.
  • Understand everything there is to know about packing and shipping your work (additional bonus material).

Bonuses include:

  • 60+ hours of exclusive painting videos with Amira Rahim!
  • 20+ hours of abundance mindset training.
  • 3 Guest Classes on Encaustics, Florals, Landscapes, and more from expert artists.
  • Art Business Primer recorded trainings of Amira’s recipes for selling art online.