Allison Ostrander – Profit Recycling Reimagined 2023 (Elite Package)

Profit Recycling Reimagined unveils a comprehensive exposition on the techniques employed by Allison Ostrander to curtail risk, circumvent the “Pattern Day Trading Rule,” and amass gains from erratic price fluctuations, adopting both intraday and swing trading perspectives. Within this session, she also delves into strategies for times when market volatility wanes, as well as methods to potentially transform a losing trade into a triumphant one.

Who is ALLISON OSTRANDER -Simpler Trading?

At Simpler Trading, Allison presides over the company’s risk management approach. Her videos and blog posts adeptly transmit her extensive trading experience and instructional prowess. Given her father’s financial achievements, Allison contemplates a career in trading. Her mastery of the trade swiftly recouped the expenses of her trading education with her inaugural trade, leading her down an irreversible path. Presently, over a decade later, Allison stands as an indispensable member of the Simpler Trading cohort, employing the platform to refine her trading skills and impart knowledge on options trading. Even adept investors can grasp Allison’s elucidations of advanced trading tactics and chart formations. Her unique perspective on Capital Risk Management, the Chart, and the Option Chain renders her insights valuable to any investor.

Profit Recycling Reimagined 2023 (Elite Package) with Allison Ostrander

The Elite Package encompasses:

  • Profit Recycling Reimagined Class
  • Bonus: Options Chain Class
  • Divergent Bars Indicator
  • Compound Breakout Tool
  • 4 Recorded Live Trading Days
  • 3 Recorded Q&A Sessions
  • Options Chain Class

The options chain holds pivotal significance for sustained success in options trading, yet its potent capabilities remain elusive to most traders. Allison’s expertise in mastering the options chain stands as one of her primary assets. Thus, she has curated this exclusive pre-recorded training module for traders yearning to swiftly and comprehensively grasp her adept utilization of the options chain, devoid of conjecture or confusion.

Divergent Bar Indicator

The Divergent Bar Indicator anticipates the potential for a higher high or lower low within the ensuing three bars. On a Daily Chart, this translates to projections of both higher highs and lower lows over the next 3 days. This signal proves invaluable for embracing short-term trades, some of which might be held only overnight.

Compound Breakout Tool

The Compound Breakout Tool identifies Allison Ostrander’s compound breakout pattern, incorporating her customized amalgamation of range, momentum, and trend tools. Its design is tailored to unveil high-probability continuation setups in ascending or descending markets, particularly during periods of heightened volatility.

3 Office Hours Sessions

These 3 designated office hours sessions have been strategically scheduled to allow participants to engage with Allison, posing inquiries or discussing their progress with the strategy. Allocated subsequent to the culmination of live trading, these sessions provide an extended timeframe for strategy application in the market prior to the engagement with office hours. Participants are encouraged to bring forth any queries they might have, and Allison is committed to addressing them comprehensively.

Recorded Live Trading

Observe Allison in action across 4 pre-recorded trading sessions, as she targets pronounced oscillations from both intraday and swing standpoints. In instances where circumstances permit, she demonstrates the application of her Profit Recycling Reimagined strategy in scenarios of dwindling market volatility. These 4 sessions serve as an opportunity to witness Allison’s market analysis and step-by-step trade setup methodology. If any setups materialize, viewers gain insight into the precision of her entry and exit executions. It’s important to note that any trades undertaken by Allison are real and not hypothetical.

Profit Recycling Mastery

The immersive nature of live trading underpins the inclusion of access to Allison’s Profit Recycling Mastery in each package. As a Mastery member, participants can contemporaneously follow Allison’s “Profit Recycling” configurations. Additionally, members gain admittance to Q&A sessions and have the opportunity to participate in multiple live trading days every month, coupled with exclusive access to a trade spreadsheet. Post the complimentary period, the Mastery membership renews on a quarterly basis.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are applicable under the following circumstances:

  1. Discrepancies between the item and its description.
  2. Failure of Profit Recycling Reimagined to perform as expected.
  3. Inoperability of the support extension.

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