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Bring Your Acoustic Guitar to Life

Learn the “crème de la crème” of various styles and techniques, spice up your playing, and have more fun practicing than ever before

Why Learn the Acoustic Guitar?

Acoustic adventure by Paul DavidsNow, maybe you already know the answer, since you already pick up your acoustic guitar regularly.

Maybe you already know the simple joy of just taking it off the stand, and sitting down to play without any expensive pedals or amps – with nothing between you and the six strings of your guitar.

Maybe you’ve already fallen in love with the genuine, direct sound that no electric instrument can match – feeling the resonance of every note you play throughout your body, making the sound not only warm and beautiful, but also very personal.

Or, you might still be in the process of discovering the richness of the acoustic, as I was at one point in time.

The important thing I didn’t always understand is this:

The acoustic guitar is not just the “little brother” of the electric guitar, it’s a beautiful instrument that has stood the test of time in its own right.

From long before the birth of blues in the Mississippi Delta nearly one hundred years ago, right up to modern-day studio recording sessions for artists across many genres, the acoustic guitar remains as relevant today as it was decades ago.

And so, when you go deep into exploring the styles and techniques available on the acoustic guitar, you won’t just sound great and have a lot of fun bringing your guitar to life…

…You’ll also become a better, more versatile and well-rounded guitarist in two important ways:

1. Getting a deeper understanding of modern music

Acoustic adventure by Paul Davids
Learning the acoustic’s history, to get a deeper understanding of today’s music

Through learning the different styles and techniques the acoustic has to offer, you’ll become familiar with the history of the instrument, and the ways that several older styles have blended to influence the music of today.

For example, over the last century the acoustic guitar played an important role in bringing the blues to life, and blues became an integral part of how guitar music developed.

So, by becoming more fluent in playing the blues, you won’t just learn to play traditional blues tunes – you’ll also get an innate understanding of the greatest modern guitar songs that have a bluesy influence.

And that means when you hear a new song that you love, it’ll be so much easier to understand the sound you’re hearing, and how it translates to the guitar.

For instance, when I learned more styles of the past, I was able to understand so many things I’d been hearing in my favorite music, from Eric Clapton, Paul Simon and John Mayer, to The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac.




2. Develop your own sound

Acoustic adventure by Paul Davids
Learning more styles, to develop your own sound

When you become familiar with a variety of techniques (like different styles of fingerpicking, palm muting, bass, chords and melodies played together, percussive slaps, muted strums, and more), it gives you so much more opportunity to play music that expresses what you want to say.

It’s like going from just learning a few words, to actually speaking a language fluently.

Instead of feeling limited to campfire-style strumming, you can mix in whatever techniques feel right to set the mood in a particular song or setting.

And that means you can create “magical moments” with your guitar, where you’re suddenly playing something amazing without even giving it too much thought.

But more importantly, you will have the broad repertoire needed to create your own sound…

Because the more techniques and styles you learn, the more ability you will have to pick and choose the ones that resonate the most with you personally.

And it’s the process of choosing those particular elements that will allow you to move past copying others, into creating your own individual identity as a musician.

So, there are plenty of reasons to learn the acoustic, and anyone wanting to become a better and more well-rounded guitarist would do well to invest more time learning it.

But what’s the best way to do it?


Map to the Best Stuff

At this point, I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered plenty of “treasures” on the acoustic.

But I didn’t always know where the really cool stuff was.

I spent lots of time exploring the many styles of acoustic playing, from the twangy heart of blues to the timeless tunes of 60s rock and contemporary pop.

During that time I also encountered more than one thing that didn’t resonate with my personal style.

But I patiently pursued the acoustic guitar, slowly discovering one good “nugget” after the next.

In the end, it was a journey that took me well over 15 years – and it’s still going!

I was able to do this and invest this much time because I was lucky enough to be a full-time musician and teacher. But of course, not everyone has that much time.

So, I decided to create a course to help other guitar players discover the coolest and most fun elements of the acoustic guitar – without having to spend 15 years finding them.

The course is like a map for guitarists, with all the hidden treasures marked on it.

Acoustic adventure by Paul Davids
Discover the hidden treasures of the acoustic guitar!

The course will help you discover the rich history of the acoustic guitar, and the styles and techniques that have shaped its timeless appeal…

It’ll give you the chance to try some of the best stuff I’ve found, so you can eventually use these elements to craft your own unique sound…

And it’ll let you have a ton of fun while you learn new ways to get the most out of your acoustic guitar.

I can’t wait to share it with you!


My course for intermediate guitarists is designed to help you bring your acoustic guitar to life while learning the “crème de la crème” of various styles and techniques, so you can spice up your playing and have more fun practicing than ever before!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Unlike my other courses, this course has no set order you need to follow. Instead, you’ll have freedom to explore whatever style or technique you feel like playing, whenever you want to play it.

Not only will you choose for yourself what skills you’d like to work on each day, you’ll also be able to choose your own level of challenge within each area of study. The lessons will be arranged in order of difficulty (from easiest to most challenging) so that you can take on big goals in manageable steps.

So, whether you’re looking for something that you can already play easily, or want to take on a new challenge, you’ll always be able to choose your own path.

Learn Through Immersion

Every skill or technique in Acoustic Adventure is taught through beautiful and incredibly fun original songs and exercises (written by me!).

Just as we become fluent in a language by speaking it, rather than just reading the dictionary, you will become fluent on guitar by playing new things in songs that sound great.

That way, you’ll not only get some great techniques under your belt; you’ll also come away with lots of tunes you can pull out at your next get-together.

Grow as a guitar player while having fun

Acoustic Adventure gives you the “map” to explore a wide variety of styles and techniques and lets you decide for yourself what to take on.

While working through the course, you will:

  • Bring out the best of your acoustic instrument
    This course will be taught entirely on the acoustic guitar, because so many of these techniques and styles evolved through acoustic playing, and because it’s the best type of guitar to play by yourself. I’ll show you how to get the best sound (and overcome some common acoustic challenges) on the instrument so you can have the clean and resonant sound you’ve always wanted.
  • Get familiar with many techniques and styles
    The “greats” of guitar were all able to define their sound by first getting to know the foundational techniques and styles from the past 100 years. In this course, you’ll become comfortable playing many of those styles, so you can take your playing further – whether you’re playing the greatest hits of modern guitar, or creating your own personal and unique sound.
  • Practice more than ever before
    When you dive into this self-directed adventure, every piece you learn will be a great tune to play for your friends and family. You’ll find yourself playing more and more without even trying to, just because you’re having so much fun – and the extra practice will make all the difference in becoming a better player!

Acoustic adventure by Paul Davids, what is it included:

The 68 lessons inside the course are grouped together in five different “venues”. Each one has its own focus and flavor, so you can explore whichever techniques and skills you’re in the mood for that day.

Fingerpicking Lounge
In this venue, you’ll learn all the picking patterns you need to feel comfortable playing fingerstyle guitar – one of the coolest and most rewarding playing styles on the acoustic.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this venue:

  • The basics of a solid fingerpicking technique
  • Essential picking patterns and techniques for adding variations
  • Multiple styles of fingerstyle blues in different keys
  • Travis picking and pedal tones
  • Playing melodies on top of chords
  • Plucking, slapping, and bass notes to create a “rhythm section”

The House of Rhythm
Go beyond “campfire strumming” with lots of great techniques that will make the guitar swing like never before!

We’ll cover the following (among many other things):

  • My best tips for keeping time
  • Using different techniques to create a rich and dynamic rhythm sound, like a muted/percussive strum to simulate a snare drum, palm muting, and more
  • Adding walking bass lines to “walk” from one chord to the next
  • Adding variety with passing chords, extensions, and rhythms to get the most out of playing chords
  • The classic rhythm of the 12-bar blues

Flatpickers Saloon
Add a new layer of interest to songs with flatpicking, a magical ingredient for guitar playing.

A little taste of what you’ll practice in this venue:

  • Using licks and riffs to fill the gaps
  • Economy picking vs. alternate picking
  • Adding embellishments to chords and songs, using pentatonic scales in various positions
  • Creating an interesting sound with barre chords, fast runs, pull-offs, and hammer-ons
  • Mixing scales like major, pentatonic, and even Mixolydian!

The Stage
Time to jam! Play original songs I wrote especially for this course, covering the techniques you’ll learn in the other venues.

A few of the things you’ll get to play:

  • A piece in 6/8 based on triads and inversions, with a cool chromatic descending bass
  • A film soundtrack style piece to set the mood, with bending and syncopated rhythms
  • An extended version of my “legendary” Travis picking song, with a B-part I’ve never taught before!
  • A classic bluegrass tune with fast runs and blues notes, mostly using the Mixolydian mode
  • A slow blues with the “thumpin’ string method,” to spark the imagination

The Academy
Need a quick refresher on guitar fundamentals and music theory? Then head here!

Some of the things we’ll cover:

  • The basics of strumming, picking, and getting the sound you want
  • Open pentatonic shapes, and major and minor scales
  • The classic I – IV – V progression
  • How to use pentatonic boxes for every chord
  • The step-by-step strategy for a precise percussive slap