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The Volatility Course by George Fontanills & Tom Gentile
  • The Volatility Course by George Fontanills & Tom Gentile

The Volatility Course by George Fontanills & Tom Gentile


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The Volatility Course by George Fontanills & Tom Gentile

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ISBN: 978-0-471-39816-5

352 pages

September 2002


It takes a special set of trading skills to thrive in today’s intensely volatile markets, where point swings of plus or minus 200 points can occur on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. The Volatility Course arms stock and options traders with those skills. George Fontanills and Tom Gentile provide readers with a deeper understanding of market volatility and the forces that drive it. They develop a comprehensive road map detailing how to identify its ups and downs. And they describe proven strategies and tools for quantifying volatility and confidently developing plans tailored to virtually any given market condition. The companion workbook provides step-by-step exercises to help you master the strategies outlined in The Volatility Course before putting them into action in the markets.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Volatility Versus Risk.

Chapter 1. Crisis and Chaos on Financial Markets.

Chapter 2. Volatility in the Stock Market.

Chapter 3. Historical Volatility.

Chapter 4. Trading Historical Volatility.

Chapter 5. The World of Stock Options.

Chapter 6. Implied Volatility.

Chapter 7. VIX and Other Sentiment Indicators.

Chapter 8. Exploiting Low Volatility.

Chapter 9. Exploiting High Volatility.

Chapter 10. Volatility Skews.

Chapter 11. Final Summary.

Appendix A. Studying the Market.

Appendix B. Stock Charts and Technical Tools.

Appendix C. Statistical and Implied Volatility.

Appendix D. Sentiment Indicators.

Appendix E. Using Risk Graphs.

Appendix F. Option Reviews.

Appendix G: Paper Trading Your Way to Success.


Author Information

GEORGE A. FONTANILLS heads Pinnacle Investments of America, Inc., a hedge fund and money management company ( Pinnacle has recorded amazing returns for its investors with high-profit, low-risk trading strategies. For many years, Fontanills has been teaching the Optionetics seminar-one of the best attended courses in the world of finance-and spearheading the publication and dissemination of his strategies on, a free Web site. Prior to Pinnacle, he was a principal at the American Stock Exchange. Fontanills has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Red Herring, and appears on Bloomberg, CNNfn, and CNBC. His bestselling books include Trade Options Online, The Options Course, and The Stock Market Course (co-written with Tom Gentile), all published by Wiley.

TOM GENTILE is Chief Options Strategist for Optionetics and is featured in numerous publications including Fortune, Barron’s, and The Wall Street Journal. As George Fontanills’s trading partner and co-instructor at Optionetics seminars, Gentile’s passion for managed risk trading and straightforward style have added to his critical acclaim as one of the best trading instructors in the country.

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