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Van Tharp – Super Trader
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Van Tharp – Super Trader


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Van Tharp – Super Trader

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So many people contributed to the content of this book, and
although I cannot recognize each of you individually, to all of
you, let me just say thank you. Some of you may have just
asked a question that stimulated me to think in a certain way.
Some of you may have made a suggestion that started me in a
new direction. However, certain people deserve a special
acknowledgment because their contribution was enormous.
In particular, I’d like to thank Jillian Comphel for her
wonderful illustrations for the book. Jillian is a member of my
staff, and I was delighted to find that she was so talented.
I’d like to thank Becky McKay for her work in proofing and
editing, and for being an all-round jack-of-all-trades for this
book. Thanks, Becky.
I’d also like to thank Cathy Hasty and Melita Hunt for
everything they do for me because what they do makes it
possible for me to write a book like this. Thanks to both of you.
Melita, who used to be the CEO of my company, passed away
in early 2009. She was a joy and she will be greatly missed.
Thank you all for your incredible contributions, as well as
all of you who contributed in a small way that I’ve not
mentioned directly.

Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

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