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The Fatloss Bible by Anthony Colpo
  • The Fatloss Bible by Anthony Colpo

The Fatloss Bible by Anthony Colpo


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Get The Fatloss Bible by Anthony Colpo

Anthony Colpo, trainer, athlete and author shares his secrets for achieving razor-sharp abs and single-digit body fat levels! Using the same methodical, science-backed, take-no-prisoners approach he employed in his renowned book The Great Cholesterol Con, Colpo takes the world of fat loss and turns it upside down!

In The Fat Loss Bible, you’ll learn:

•How most diet ‘experts’ tell you NOT to do the one thing that guarantees weight loss success!
•Exactly how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you should eat.
•The real cause of the dreaded weight loss plateau, and how to blast through it like it’s not even there!
•How to eliminate diet-destroying hunger pains and cravings.
•Why eating frequent small meals does NOT speed up weight loss!
•The truth about low-carb diets, ketosis, vegetarianism, intermittent fasting, food combining, and more!
•How to smash through all those psychological and social obstacles that derail even the most determined dieters!

Never before has every key aspect of fat loss been covered in such detail. It’s all here: what you must do to lose fat, and what you must not do. Say goodbye to your excess chub forever!