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The Enneagram of the Virtues by Russ Hudson

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The Enneagram of the Virtues by Russ Hudson

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Cultivate the deeper dimensions of your true nature using the Enneagram and the Virtues.

Apply new, experiential practices that open your heart and allow you to manifest your deepest gifts.

Do you remember when you identified your Enneagram type… and what a moment of revelation it was?

Understanding your core drives, challenges, and motivations through the lens of this ancient wisdom path can be a real “a-ha” experience…

Students of the Enneagram spend years exploring and working with their dominant types…

Yet, the Enneagram at offers SO much more.

It is a path that ultimately leads you to your higher nature — the qualities that most embody your essence. These qualities connect to your heart and to the deepest level of the Enneagram, Virtues.

The Virtues are an embodied expression of your true nature… they are the foundation for a fully actualized life.

Qualities of the Awakened Heart

Though rarely taught publicly, the Virtues of the Enneagram are actually the core of the original, foundational teachings. Russ Hudson, co-founder of The Enneagram Institute, and one of the principal scholars and innovative thinkers in the Enneagram world today, calls the 9 Virtues “qualities of the awakened heart.”

Ultimately, the Enneagram is a map for living into your Highest Self and your full potential, which requires an understanding and cultivation of these qualities.

During the Enneagram of the Virtues, you’ll spend 13 in-depth weeks with Russ, expanding your Enneagram knowledge through his unique teachings and powerful, experiential practices.

Russ will guide you in transforming your passion (of your Enneagram type) into the highest expression of YOU — your core Virtue.

As you actualize this Virtue, or heart quality, you become more capable of real intimacy, great acts of service, liberating creativity, and loving presence.

The Virtues as Spiritual Alchemy

Working with the Virtues engages a kind of spiritual alchemy, in which the fixations and essence of each Enneagram type are transformed into these 9 heart qualities.

“In a real sense, working with the Virtues transforms the lead of our dense states of ego into the gold of compassion, love, and truth,” Russ says.

“They direct us to notice the suffering in our hearts created by a deep disconnection from Source… and to see how again and again, as soon as we come home to ourselves and the living moment, our spirits can fully flower.”

For example, if you identify as a Type One, you yearn to be a force of good in the world, and to live a life of integrity and truth. Yet, anger and resentment towards the injustices and suffering in our world may prevent you from embodying the Virtue of Serenity. Being present to anger and cultivating inner serenity allows the Type One to share their gifts with a fully open heart.

For the Type Four, fixation on envy and “what’s missing,” disconnect one from the Higher Self and Source. Stormy emotions can keep the Four out of balance and in a state discontentment. However, when Type Four can observe the core pattern with compassion and recognize the depth of their true suffering, the Virtue of Equanimity is born.

A Holistic and Multidimensional Path

While you may identify with a specific Enneagram type, the essential energies and to some degree the passions of all 9 types, exist within you. As one of the world’s leading depth teachers, Russ focuses on the Enneagram as a holistic wisdom path.

According to this approach, each Enneagram type indicates a particular state of presence.

The Virtues represent a strength and fullness of heart, as distinguished from the human tendency to get caught in endless reactivity or numbness. They serve as a foundation for the most rich and rewarding moments of our lives.

In actualizing not only your basic type’s Virtue but also the other eight, love becomes the organizing principle of your thoughts, decisions, relationships, and communities.

In your discovery of the Virtues, Russ will share his latest insights on the relationship between type, instinct and centers and practical applications can further your personal growth and deep transformations in ALL areas of your life.

Whether you’re a therapist, coach, healer, health care professional, teacher, artist, spiritual director, politician, or parent, you’ll emerge with a greater connection to your divine essence and your unique gifts as well as greater levels of acceptance, love, and compassion for yourself and others.

In this transformational virtual training on the Virtues, you’ll discover:

  • The miracle of your awakeness that helps you navigate life with ease and confidence
  • The alchemy of restored presence as the process that begins to turn the heart towards its true source, the “Beloved”
  • The core suffering of the heart that is at the root of the passion of lust
  • The real meaning of the passion of Sloth, which isn’t “laziness” but rather, habitual state of withdrawn attention, normal for egoic life
  • The core suffering of the heart that is at the root of the passion of Angry Resentment
  • The real meaning of the passion of Pride, often misunderstood and a major challenge for those in helping professions
  • The core suffering of the heart that is at the root of the passion of Vanity
  • How to recognize and experience more deeply the qualities of Equanimity in your daily life
  • The real meaning of the passion of Avarice, which is generally not the withholding of knowledge
  • How to recognize and experience more deeply Courage in your daily life
  • The core suffering of the heart at the root of the passion of Gluttony
  • The specific relationship between the heart’s suffering, and qualities of presence and grace
  • The 9 Virtues as doorways to another kind of human community — the alternative to fear as an organizing principle