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The Complete Flow Trader – Wall ST.Jesus
  • The Complete Flow Trader – Wall ST.Jesus

The Complete Flow Trader – Wall ST.Jesus


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The Complete Flow Trader by Wall ST.Jesus

The Complete Flow Trader by Wall ST.Jesus provides illuminating insights into how you can trade options, equities, and so on with higher profitability without undertaking high risks. There are many factors and aspects openly discussed in this course along with the recommended actions. Trading with flow and having the timing actions to adjust your trades are the abilities and techniques that you would love to master as a trader. The Complete Flow Trader by Wall ST.Jesus is not a course for newcomers. If you are looking for a comprehensive walk-through, from the fundamentals to advanced knowledge. It is not the right course for you. However, if you already have a solid foundation of flow trading and you would love to upgrade your trading levels, the Complete Flow Trader by Wall ST.Jesus is a dream course with detailed instructions on specific actions and advanced techniques.

What can you expect from The Complete Flow Trader by Wall ST.Jesus?

  • How to spot the moment that momentum is burning to come up with timing actions.
  • How to determine the small proportion of important orders in the crowd.
  • The routine and necessary actions of preparation for a profitable trading day.
  • How to customize the way you utilise flow of your particular approach to trading, anchoring on risk-taking levels, trading instruments and holding periods.
  • How to keep track and monitor sentiment and modify your trades.
  • How to decipher the meaning of an order and all the information from flow data providers.
  • And so much more!

After mastering fundamentals, you will learn in the Complete Flow Trader by Wall ST.Jesus:

  • Deep dives into flow trading and the meanings of flow.
  • The benefits that it can provide you with trading.
  • How to identify the patterns that are packed in unusual options activity.
  • The powerful tools and the best practices of customizing them to match your unique trading style.
  • And so much more!

What makes The Complete Flow Trader by Wall ST.Jesus different from the Sang Lucci Master Course?

  • It is not a trading bootcamp, which means you do not learn the fundamentals here. The Complete Flow Trader by Wall ST.Jesus is a course where you can upgrade your skills of trading with flow.
  • The main focuses of the Complete Flow Trader by Wall ST.Jesus include sentiment, market maker tactics, and so on.
  • The approaches you learn in the Complete Flow Trader are shared by Wall ST.Jesus while Sang Lucci Master Course is delivered by multiple individuals.
  • You have only One chance to learn the Complete Flow Trader while Sang Lucci Master Course is open twice a year.

About Wall ST.Jesus

Wall ST.Jesus - LibraryOfTrader

Wall ST.Jesus is a pseudonym of a distinguished trader and investor who has been getting the phenomenal profitability maintained throughout his 20-year career. Now, Wall ST.Jesus is one of the rising coaches about trading techniques and strategies for top-out profits without taking high risks. The extraction of his realistic experiences is found in the courses through the illustrations of real case studies and examples. The best tools and indicators are pointed out so that you can win high profits amid the high volatile and competitive market.

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