The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro

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The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro – Instant Download!

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro

Learn the Art of Drama Editing
A Step-By-Step Training Course for Filmmakers, Editors and Online Content Creators

“Storytelling and sharing the human experience are the foundation of what we do as editors.”

What is The Art of Drama Editing?

Edit a Full Feature-Length Film

Master the Creative & the Technical

This course will guide you through editing a feature film — from technical skills to creative techniques with a professional workflow to support the entire process

Editing Skills For All Projects & Genres

  • Elegant Storytelling
  • Professional Sound Design
  • Useful Visual Effects
  • Seamless Transitions

40+ 1080p HD Tutorials with Over 14 Hours of Training

  • A Complete Set of 1080p Feature-Film Dailies
  • Hands-on Editing Lessons
  • Multiple Homework Assignments
  • Premium Music & Sound Libraries

Real Hollywood Instructors

Get a unique opportunity to learn exactly how a professional editor works

Decades of Combined Experience

Get access to cutting-edge training from some of the best editors working in the entertainment industry right now.
We’ve taken years of combined editing experience and compiled the best secrets, editing strategies, techniques, workflows and shortcuts.

Our contributing editors have worked for:


The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro



The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro

Check out these exciting features…

40+ Detailed Tutorials in 1080p Video
Over 14 hours of lessons with step-by-step creative dramatic editing training

HD Feature Length Film to Practice Your Skills
Over 30 hours of high quality film dailies beautifully shot on Arri Alexa cameras

Training From Real Hollywood Editors
Learn the techniques real Hollywood editors are using on the job every day

26 Hands-On Homework Assignments
Follow along as we go through the process of editing a feature-length film from beginning to end

140-Piece Music & SFX Library
Bring life to your cut with our curated dramatic music and sound effect library MoneyBackBadge

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you’re not completely satisfied with your training we’ll refund your purchase

30+ Hours of Beautifully Shot HD Practice Footage
Download an entire set of production dailies for a feature film
Professional source material is essential. We’re incredibly excited to offer you access to 1100+ shots build this film along with us.
Since our goal is to take your editing skills as far as possible, we are providing you with only the best quality source footage to edit.

Additional PRO Practice Footage
With The Art of Drama Editing PRO, you also get an extra 200+ takes and camera angles to help craft the best performances.
Download the footage fast from our ultra high-speed Amazon S3 server.

High-Quality Music & Sound Library
Work with professional quality audio to create the perfect mix

You’ll get access to the 140-piece Dramatic Music & Sound Library containing the original score from the film you’ll be cutting, plus a curated mix of cues from our partners – some of the leading music production companies in the entertainment industry.
We’ve also included a wide range of foley SFX you’ll be using to build immersive environments for the characters.
Additional PRO Foley Sound Pack
400+ additional pieces of fully license-free foley SFX to use in your cut or anywhere else you choose

Quick Reference Guides & Homework Assignments
Support for moving through each lesson and workshop

We’ve distilled the skills and techniques you’ll learn in the course into our pack of printable PDF Quick Reference Guides.
These guides will help as you work through the lessons and can also serve as a great reference on any future projects.
Follow along with any editing software

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro

Step-by-Step Training
Lessons are designed to teach you creative editing skills you can use on any project
Lesson1: Welcome to The Art of Drama Editing
An overview of the course and everything that you’ll be learning in the next 40+ lessons
Lesson 2: Introduction to Drama Editing
Learn why dramatic themes are central to every type of story and how this impacts your edit
Lesson 3: Filmmaking Essentials for Editors
An editor’s look at the filmmaking process to improve your understanding of source materials & coverage
Lesson 4: Deconstructing Facial Expressions & Body Language
Dive into the nuance of human expression to help choose the best takes and performances for each moment
Lesson 5: Understanding Film Story Structure
A breakdown of the 12 story stages in the linear narrative in an easily understandable way
Lesson 6: Project Overview
An overview of the hands-on editing portion of the course and how it’s organized
Lesson 7: Downloading Your Files
There’s a lot to download for this project, so we’ll be guiding you through the process
Lesson 8: Importing the Footage, Music & Sound
Best practices for importing your files in preparation to begin the editing part of this course
Lesson 9: Feature Film Organization Techniques
Learn how to properly manage the large amount of media required for a feature-length film
Lesson 10: Setting Up a Feature Film Timeline
Create an organized timeline that meets the unique requirements for cutting a project of this size & length
Lesson 11: Reviewing the Script & Watching the Film
Here you’ll learn about story and characters in the film you’ll be cutting along with us
Lesson 12: Film Production Realities
Gain insight into the realities of film production and how that affects your post-production workflow
Lesson 13: Creating Feature Breakdowns & Selects
Learn how professional editors arrange footage, quickly review all the takes and find the best performances
Lesson 14: Cutting the First Scene
It’s time to start editing and cut your first scene from the film together with us
Lesson 15: Cutting the Argument at the Hotel
Cut another part of the film with us and see the dramatic considerations to take with arguments & anger
Lesson 16: Cutting the Love Scene in the Treehouse
Edit with us as we cut a love scene and discuss actor eyelines and blocking
Lesson 17: Deconstructing the Dramatic Montage
Learn the proper techniques for crafting this emotional and widely-used film component
Lesson 18: Editing Your Own Montage
Edit with us as we craft a dramatic montage sequence set to music
Lesson 19: Flashbacks & Dream Sequences
Explore how to edit flashbacks & dream sequences and the functions they play in an edit
Lesson 20: Interweaving Storylines with Cross-cutting
Edit with us as we combine two different sections from the film using cross-cutting
Lesson 21: Smoothing Connections in a Cross-cut Sequence – Part 1
Learn how to make a cross-cut sequence play smoothly by fine-tuning both picture & sound
Lesson 22: Smoothing Connections in a Cross-cut Sequence – Part 2
Getting multiple cross-cut scenes to combine naturally is easier said than done! Part 2 continues the process.
Lesson 23: Using Sound to Simulate Thoughts & Memories
Learn how to show what a character is thinking without hearing them speaking
Lesson 24: Deconstructing a Thought Simulation Sequence
Analyzing the sound design and audio effects used to convincingly simulate a character’s thoughts
Lesson 25: Bringing a Scene to Life with Foley – Building the Cut
Edit with us as we rough cut a scene to prepare for foley and sound design work
Lesson 26: Bringing a Scene to Life with Foley – Layering the Sound
Learn to build a realistic and immersive world with layers of foley and background sounds
Lesson 27: Cutting with Style & Imagination – Picture
Edit with us to create a different edit that veers off script but creates more impact
Lesson 28: Cutting with Style & Imagination – Sound & Music
Add layers of sound and music to enhance the drama already present in the footage
Lesson 29: The Mechanics of Scene Pacing & Timing
Learn how to determine which scenes to cut faster, slower and everything in between
Lesson 30: Pacing a Cut Three Different Ways
Watch as we demonstrate 3 pacing variations of a cut and discuss how and why the edit changes
Lesson 31: Assembling the Feature
Follow along as we combine all of the edit scenes into a master feature timeline
Lesson 32: Basic Scoring Techniques
How to “spot” and score the film – plus learn techniques for upcutting and extending music
Lesson 33: Crafting Effective Film Transitions
Learn the roles of transitions, when to enhance them and when to keep them hidden
Lesson 34: Smoothing Transitions Between Our Scenes
Edit with us as we smooth and refine the scene transitions throughout the film
Lesson 35: The Audio Mixing Process
Mixing can be tricky but we’ll be showing you exactly how ensure your cuts sound as good as they look
Lesson 36: Color Correction & Grading
Learn the theory and principles behind color correction and grading your footage plus best practices for each
Lesson 37: Outputting Your Film for Presentation & Delivery
You’ll learn some best practices for outputting a feature film to deliver or present to a client
Lesson 38: Reviewing Key Lessons Learned
A quick review of the most important concepts and ideas that we covered in the course
Lesson 39: Next Steps
We’ll be giving you some ideas and suggestions for taking your training further into the future
PRO Lesson: Travel Scenes & Cutting the Invisible Journey
Learn how to edit travel scenes plus how to cut an “invisible” one when footage is lacking & budget is tight
LessonPRO JumpCuts
PRO Lesson: When, Why and How to Use Jump Cuts
Here we’ll dissect the jump cut and learn how to use them effectively in a scene from our film
PRO Lesson: Using Split Screens to Adjust Scene Timing
We’ll show you both the easy and advanced version of this technique to re-time performances
PRO Lesson: Sending Out Turnovers to VFX, Sound & Color
How to prep & send out materials to VFX, sound & color departments
PRO Lesson: Conforming & QC’ing Turnovers in Your Timeline
How to receive and integrate your VFX, sound & color turnovers back into your feature timeline
How does The Art of Drama Editing compare to other training options?
You could try honing your editing skills by enrolling in a full-time film school and hope that the curriculum includes the range of training you want and need…but most don’t.
FACT: only about 8% of film school classes teach any form of editing
Plus, film school is pretty darn expensive.
Look at these film school tuition stats…

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro

Total tuition & fees for a film degree
To be clear, this is NOT meant to bash film school.
Film schools are great at what they do. They’re meant to give you broad exposure to all aspects of cinematography and they accomplish that very successfully.
But what if you want to specifically improve your editing?
At a film school, you’re usually out of luck.
Most film schools are not designed to train editors.
You might be lucky to get 2 or 3 classes dedicated to editing, along with a bit of lab time cutting together a final project.
But their focus is not on really teaching the craft of editing. It can’t be – there just isn’t enough time!
If you choose to enroll in a course with Film Editing Pro, you can feel confident that the training is specifically designed to do three things:
Give you hands-on, real-world editing skills you can apply right away
Share knowledge sourced from full-time professional editors
Not empty your wallet with 10 years of student loans
How the other options stack up against The Art of Drama Editing

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro

Our mission is to deliver step-by-step instruction, led by expert tutors, with affordable pricing – AND – the flexibility and convenience to learn at your own pace on your own time.
The BIG benefits of learning online…
✔ No set schedule – learn at your own pace.
✔ 24/7 access to instructors. Our team is always available to help you.
✔ Use any editing software you like to complete the course.
✔ No need to travel. Especially valuable if you live in another country or remote location.
✔ Learn in your pajamas! Enjoy the comfort of working from home or anywhere you like.
✔ Beginner to advanced training – everything you could ever want to learn about editing.
✔ Lower cost and no student loans!
Making a film doesn’t end when the shoot wraps
So, you spent tons of money on the latest film gear and got some beautiful footage…but what’s next? Knowing how to edit that footage is just as important as the best cameras, lenses, lighting and stabilizers.
Learning how to polish and perfect your story after the cameras stop rolling is critical, and the investment is equally important.
How The Art of Drama Editing Compares to Some Popular Filmmaking Equipment

The Art Of Drama Editing PRO By Film Editing Pro
Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn in “The Art of Drama Editing”…

  • Discover how to tell the human stories at the heart of all movies!
  • Learn how to use montages to clearly communicate your character’s emotions and personal development.
  • Explore the meaning of body language – how eyes, hands, arms and the body reveal what is in your character’s mind.
  • Hollywood strategies for ingesting and organizing media no matter what NLE you work with.
  • Smart workflows for editing that will help you drive the work rather than let the work drive you.
  • Hands-on editing workshops where you’ll ingest, organize, assemble and edit scenes with professionally shot feature dailies.
  • Practical advice to help you work quickly when the director or client is in the room with you.
  • From script to polished edit and everything in between, we’ll cover everything you need to edit amazing stories.
  • Conquer the art of cross-cutting to create emotional connections and add more interest to your movies.
  • 4 step-by-step guides for stylizing your flashback scenes, reinforcing your edit’s structure.
  • Skills and strategies that will help you to continue learning about the art of drama editing even after the course ends.
  • Fascinating insights into the production process to help you better understand the materials delivered to the editor.
  • The 5 types of montages typically used in dramatic films – everything from love scenes to training sequences.
  • Using the power of sound effects to show what your characters are thinking.
  • The best ways to output your finished film for presentation and delivery.
  • Polishing your finished edit with color grading and audio mixing.
  • Proven techniques to help pace your story, when to let a moment linger and when to draw it out.
  • How to make montages that are easy to follow by carefully crafting the music and shot choice.
  • Breakdowns of the dramatic editing techniques used in popular movies.
  • Creating smooth transitions between scenes as you assemble the edit.
  • The power-user techniques for laying out your audio tracks and mixing audio.
  • Delve inside the mind of experienced Hollywood editors as you watch them edit.
  • A thorough breakdown of the 12-stages of the hero’s journey – the foundation upon which countless stories are built.
  • Amazing visual effects techniques for combining performances from different takes.
  • The simple but effective rule that helps you to maintain spatial continuity when editing your scenes.
  • Filmmaking essentials and fundamental principles that every editor should know.
  • Learn how to arrive late and leave early to stop your edits from getting boring!
  • How to build stories and add production value with sound effects and foley.
  • Using foley and library sound effects to immerse the audience in your character’s world.
  • Learn how there is a dramatic story at the heart of almost every film.
  • Unlock the principles of dramatic film editing that will help no matter what genre you work in.
  • Cross-cutting tips that will help you quicken the pace in boring parts of your edit.
  • The techniques for breaking down dailies to facilitate quick and easy editing.
  • Powerful universal rules for understanding the underlying story structure of traditional Hollywood movies.

Which Art of Drama Editing option is right for you?
With The Art of Drama Editing STANDARD, you get the complete Art of Drama Editing course — including all 39 HD video tutorials that will walk you through the process of editing a feature length film from start to finish.
Join Today & Get
The Full Art of Drama Editing course
30+ Hours of 1080p HD Film Dailies
140-Piece Dramatic Music & SFX Library
26 Hands-on Homework Assignments
Choose the Art of Drama Editing Pro if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck. This is our most popular version of the course — and it’s filled with a TON of extra stuff.
We’ve included and extra 200+ additional takes and camera angles of 1080p HD film dailies to help you craft the best performances in your cut, along with a 400-piece license-free pro foley sound pack.
Then, you’ll be getting our Pro Training lessons, with 2+ hours of additional teaching that cover jump cutting, travel scenes and split screens that will take your editing education even further. Finally, you’ll receive our VFX, Sound & Color Finishing Workflow lessons that will walk you through the process of sending and receiving your completed VFX, sound & color back into your timeline.
Join Today & Get
Everything in the STANDARD version…
The Full Art of Drama Editing Course
30+ Hours of 1080p HD Film Dailies
140-Piece Dramatic Music & SFX Library
26 Hands-on Homework Assignments
Learn how to edit travel scenes plus how to cut an “invisible” one when footage is lacking & budget is tight
Here we’ll dissect the jump cut and learn how to use them effectively in a scene from our film
Find out how you can use this split screen technique to completely re-time the performances of your characters
You’ll also get…

200+ Additional Takes & Camera Angles: With the The Art of Drama Editing PRO you will get additional dailies from our feature length film to help you craft the best performances

400-Piece Pro Foley Sound Pack: We’ve included this completely license free foley pack to help you practice your foley editing throughout the film as well as use for any project you like!

VFX, Sound & Color Finishing Workflow – Part 1: How to prep & send out turnovers to VFX, sound & color departments. These are crucial skills to learn, as every professional project will involve some element of this process.

VFX, Sound & Color Finishing Workflow – Part 2: How to receive and integrate completed VFX, sound & color work back into your timeline. This will complete the round-trip workflow needed to finish a project.