Talmadge Harper – Win Money Like a Boss 2.0

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Talmadge Harper – Win Money Like a Boss 2.0

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This MP3 is boosted by the new formula designed to shift your subconscious vibration and thought patterns, allowing you to consistently win at slot machines, scratch cards, gambling etc. The original formula was good, but I did not realize so many people were using this as a “hail mary” to improve their lives. As a result, I had to address the issues of “fear” and “scarcity” in the new formula.

The story behind this product is pretty awesome. I have a client named Bob whose mother has shifted her subconscious programming allowing her to consistently win slot machines on a weekly basis. After speaking with him and consulting with the Superconscious mind, I was able to replicate the subconscious programming she had undergone. I use this programming on myself as well to win money for fun. Yes “Bob” is a real person and I have included a screen shot he sent me from his phone below. I cut some of the screen out to protect his identity and her privacy.

Photo Proof

Essentially, this MP3 involves a deep sense of self love, self worth, infinite self power and a perception of the universe as being an abundant place, not “solid” and “rigid” as you once thought. And of course you need to include programming that your reality is one where you are always “winning.” You also need to eliminate the fear of having a life of “ease,” since most of us are conditioned to fear hellfire and damnation if money comes easily to us. Combine all of this with the “new formula” and you have a powerful subliminal.

Before listening, it is important for you to understand that this product involves a large “purging” of negative beliefs and emotions. If you have already been listening to “Unleash Your Infinite Power,” then the purging process should be nonexistent. The Trifecta of Power and “Unleash Your Infinite Power” are both required for this to work if you inherently lack a sense of self-worth and self-power. ( You must feel worthy of money and believe you are not powerless ) If your self worth and sense of self worth and self power are fine then this product can stand alone and it is all you need to get started.

Please send me your testimonials and update me on your success. You should see immediate wins within 30 days of listening. Just remember to have fun and come from a place of abundance, fun and play. If you have a gambling addiction, then please do not use this product.

Also, I am not sure how long I am going to have this available in the store. It depends on whether or not it is abused or if people go too crazy with it.

For legal reasons, I must state that this product is for entertainment purposes and fun only.

What is included in the download?
Instant download of The Enhanced Winning Money MP3 with isochronic subliminals. This MP3 has gone through a year long test phase and the results are pretty intense. You will be very pleased at your results.

What is the best way to maximize effectiveness?
Listen before you go to bed, at least once a day for 3 weeks. Most people say results happen within the first week.

What is the expected outcome?
1. You will find you suddenly start to win scratch tickets and lottery contests.
2. You will find that for some reason you win at gambling games.
3. You will find that the money you win will be in alignment with your goals and dreams.
4. Everything you experience will manifest itself in a safe and pleasant way (no addictions).
5. You will have a new abundant view of life.
6. You will be free of fears about money and you will attract a reality of luck and abundance.
7. This new formula will erase all fears, resistance towards wealth and will allow money you win to go beyond your subconscious limitations of what is possible in your life.
8. You will notice these changes in as little as 10 days.

What commitment do you have to make?
Listen to this MP3 once a day before you go to bed so you can fall asleep listening. Most people say results happen in the first week. However, you will need to listen each night for 21 days in a row to ensure success. It is VITAL that you use a high quality pair of ear buds or headphones. Cheap three-dollar ear buds or headphones are not capable of capturing all the isochronal tones and subliminals. Keep in mind that this is a subliminal, so you will not be able to hear anything being said. It is designed this way to bypass your conscious mind.

What if I have more questions on how to use it?
Every customer gets lifetime email consultation. Simply send me an email and I will help you with any concerns.

What kind of money back guarantee do I get?
I offer a money back guarantee if you do not see results AFTER 30 days of consistent use. This is to avoid people downloading the product and saying it does not work after one day in the hopes of getting it for free. I know the products work if you use them properly and as long as you ask questions when you do not understand something.

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