Stu Mclaren – The Membership Experience (TRIBE) 2023

The Membership Experience (TRIBE) 2023

Stu Mclaren – The Membership Experience (TRIBE) 2023

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Building a membership site is the best way to add a recurring revenue stream to your online business and create financial stability.

While there are quite a few online programs focused on helping you build a successful membership, there’s none more popular than Stu McLaren’s The Membership Experience, formerly known as TRIBE.

We get many questions from those interested in joining the program, and most of them ask for advice on whether The Membership Experience (TME) is right for them or not.

That’s why we decided to create this ultimate review of The Membership Experience, where we’ll take an in-depth look at every aspect of the course and help you decide whether you should join it or not.

I have gone through the course myself, so I’ll share my personal experience about it too.

Let’s get started.

Stu Mclaren – The Membership Experience (TRIBE) 2023

High-Level Overview of The Membership Experience

The Membership Experience (formerly TRIBE) is an online course that helps entrepreneurs transform what they know, love, and do into recurring revenue by building successful membership sites.

The goal of TME is to provide creators with a proven plan that will give them the clarity and direction they need to create, launch and scale a highly profitable and low-stress membership site, regardless of their niche.

It is an open/close style online course that opens for enrollment only once a year, and all the students take the course together.

The course is authored by Stu McLaren, one of the leading membership site experts globally, and has been teaching this stuff through high-end workshops ($5K+ per person) and his TME program.

He is also a former co-founder of the popular WordPress membership plugin—WishList Member, where he worked closely with 70k+ membership site owners in various niches.

In fact, all the course material in TME leans heavily on Stu’s experience being behind the scenes helping these membership sites when he was running WishList Member.

As far as the course structure is concerned, TME includes an introductory module and six core training modules that cover every aspect of building a profitable membership site, including content creation, marketing, member retention, scaling, etc.

The modules are released one week at a time, so you have time to go through the material and then discuss it with Stu and the TME community. This allows the modules to really sink in and avoid overwhelm.

Stu Mclaren – The Membership Experience (Tribe) 2023

Stu Mclaren – The Membership Experience (TRIBE) 2023

What’s Included in Stu McLaren’s The Membership Experience?

The Membership Experience includes an online course with seven modules, live Q&A sessions with Stu McLaren, an exclusive FB group community, a free TME live ticket, and several other bonuses.

Here are the details of everything you’ll get in TME:

Module 0: Foundations

TME kickstarts with the Foundations module, where Stu shares some key concepts before diving into the core training.

The Foundations module has nine video lessons and is about building a foundation for all the work you will do in your membership going forward.

Throughout the lessons, Stu will encourage you to ask some very fundamental questions about who you really are, what you really want from your membership, and how you want to serve your members.

If you dig in and do the work suggested by Stu in this module, you will gain a great amount of clarity about every other step in the process that will majorly contribute to your success.

The lessons have a simple format with a video that includes the main content and a PDF that has the summary for that lesson. You can also download the lesson in a .mp3 format if you want.

In fact, all the lessons in this course follow the same delivery format and offer the content in multiple modalities so that you can consume it in the way you prefer.

Module 1: Audience

TME’s first core module, Audience, focuses on helping you create an effective content and marketing strategy that helps build a strong and engaged audience for your membership.

The module is divided into nine lessons, each covering a different aspect of audience building. Some of the key topics covered in this module include:

  • Pick a Social Media Platform: The different social media platforms and how to pick the one that will work best for your audience
  • Content Creation: How to map your content calendar and create content fast
  • Lead Magnet: How to create a lead magnet that attracts and converts potential members into leads
  • Landing Page Setup: Tips and strategies for designing and optimizing landing pages that convert

Overall, this module provides you with the tools and resources to build an effective audience-building strategy for your membership.

Module 2: Content

The second module in the course is all about the content that goes inside your membership.

The Content module has 13 video lessons where you’ll learn how to plan and structure your content in a way that makes sense for your membership and provides real value for your members without you getting trapped in the “content treadmill.”

Tme’s Content Module

To start with, you’ll learn about the six different membership models, and you will be able to choose the right membership site model.

Stu then discusses the two types of content you should have in your membership and deep dives into how you can create each type for your membership.

Finally, Stu talks about how you can plan your content and delivery to make it easy for people to consume and implement.

Module 3: Marketing

Marketing is an important topic for The Membership Experience course, and this module covers it in detail.

The Marketing module has nine video lessons that give you the big picture about marketing and will help you understand what is involved in membership marketing.

A lot of discussions in this module are focused on the “what” part – what strategies, what launch elements, what timing you should be thinking about, etc.

Moreover, it includes lessons on helping you create a perfect offer, price your membership, and build a high-converting sales page.

Tme’s Marketing Module

Module 4: Launch

The fourth module in The Membership Experience is all about launching your membership.

In this module, Stu will provide details on how to execute an effective launch strategy, whether you decide to do a simple Founding Member Launch or a more elaborate launch with all the bells and whistles.

There are seven core video lessons and seven electives in this module, and Stu talks about all kinds of things like launch styles, the phases of a successful launch, and all the launch components such as video series, live launches, etc.

He further goes into great detail about what you should do during your launch – specifically, what to say and how to say it.

He also discusses in detail selling through webinars and things like how to format your webinar and what you want to say at different points.

The good thing is that he provides lots of different examples and specifics, which makes the information in the module very actionable.

Module 5: Community

This module focuses on building a strong and active membership community that people keep coming back to.

In this module, Stu provides seven video lessons that include topics such as driving communication engagement, getting members to connect with each other, choosing the right platform, and managing community growth.

Tme’s Community Module

Stu is a big believer in building a community. He often says about memberships, “People come for the content, but they stay for the community” and he covers it in detail in this module.

Module 6: Retention

Retention is the most effective way to maximize your membership profitability and is super important for the long-term growth and viability of your membership.

Stu is a big advocate of keeping your members happy, and so in this module; he goes through a ton of different tactical things that you can do to boost membership retention.

He groups all the strategies into 5 buckets – Community, Content, Communication, Recognition, and Pricing and there is a separate video lesson for each of them where he shares several actionable ideas along with examples.

Tme’s Retention Module

He literally teaches you dozens of retention strategies in this module, but you don’t have to implement all of these strategies at once.

Rather Stu suggests that you find the one that resonates the most with you and then focus on that. As you get that rolling, you can start to stack other strategies and tactics into the mix.

Stu Mclaren – The Membership Experience (TRIBE) 2023

The Membership Experience Community

One of the best things about TME is the amazing community of membership site owners that you get to be a part of.

To start with, you get access to an exclusive TME Facebook community where you’ll find hundreds of amazing people to connect, learn and grow with.

TME Facebook group is one of the best online communities out there, and it can be very effective in providing the necessary support and motivation for you to make huge strides in your membership journey.

Support and Q&A

The Membership Experience isn’t one of those online courses that leave you on your own after enrollment. Rather it provides you with a lot of options to ask your questions and get support.

Inside the FB Group, Stu will go live every weekday during the length of the course and will answer your questions. 

Nothing beats getting your questions answered by one of the topmost membership experts, and this is our favorite part of the course.

And then, they have integrated Searchie inside the Q&A area, which allows you to search inside the replay videos using keywords that take the whole experience to an altogether different level.

You Can Search Inside The Q&Amp;A Replay Videos In Tme

Plus, you can always leave a comment in the FB group with your questions, and you can create a support ticket if you want.

Special Bonuses From Stu McLaren

In addition to the course, community, and support, Stu also offers different bonuses as part of The Membership Experience. However, please keep in mind that some of these bonuses may or may not be available depending on when you join the course.

  • TME Live Virtual Ticket – You’ll get a free pass to the once-a-year live conference hosted by the TME team, where you’ll learn from Stu live and also get to meet other students and hear about their success stories.
  • Borrowed Audience – In this mini course, you’ll learn how to quickly build an audience from scratch. And if you have an existing audience, you’re going to be able to leverage this same strategy to grow your audience.
  • Founding Member Launch Bonus – This is one of our favorite TME bonuses where Stu walks you through the exact strategy behind doing a founding member launch.
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Launch Script Templates – These are the exact templates that Stu uses to craft 7-figure promotions and help you know what to say to position your membership and easily attract people to it.
  • Membership Sales Page Toolkit – This bonus includes design templates and swipe copy to help you quickly create a high-converting sales page.

In addition, Stu also offers some surprise bonuses from time to time. Last year’s surprise bonuses were awesome, and hopefully, they’ll be equally good this year.

When you consider everything (including content), TME has to be the most comprehensive online program for membership site creation. So if you’re planning to start or grow your membership business, you should consider enrolling in the course.

Stu Mclaren – The Membership Experience (TRIBE) 2023

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