The Steady Compounding Investing Academy
Steady Compounding Investing Academy is a self-paced video course with lifetime access (and updates) that aims to:

Empower you with the skill to analyze and value a stock yourself from scratch, enabling you to pick winning stocks with confidence.

It’s designed for those who are serious about mastering how to invest in the stock market — a zero-fluff, easy-to-execute, actionable framework.

How it works:

Step 1:

  • Identify the traits of Steady Compounders
  • Success leaves behind a trail of clues.
  • Modules 1 to 3 will teach you what it means to invest in the stock market and recognize the patterns of great businesses.

Step 2:

  • Analyze business performance
  • Make sense of a company’s financials and tell a story.
  • Modules 4 to 10 will teach you how to analyze financials, management earnings calls and how to easily keep track of quarterly business performance.

Step 3:

  • Master the art & science of valuation
  • Learn how to value businesses so you never overpay.
  • Modules 11 to 14 will teach you how to value businesses using first principles.

Step 4:

  • Portfolio & risk management
  • Construct a resilient portfolio that will stand the test of time.
  • Modules 15 to 16 will cover business risks, diversification, portfolio construction and behavioral psychology.

Each lesson has clear real life case studies and is categorized into 16 modules, making it easy to follow whether you’re a beginner or intermediate investor.

And here’s the module breakdown:

Modules 1 to 3:

How to identify the traits of Steady Compounders

In a world where the latest trends often lead to financial pitfalls, we guide you through the essence of true investment. Discover the art of discerning exceptional businesses, understanding their models, and recognizing their enduring competitive edges.

Modules 4 to 10:

How to analyze the performance of businesses

Turn complex financials into compelling stories. We demystify financial statements, spot ‘hidden’ potential before others, highlight red flags, and uncover the segments critical for thorough analysis.

Modules 11 to 14:

Mastering the art and science of valuation

Valuation isn’t just numbers; it’s your stock market compass. From discounted cash flows to multiple valuation techniques, we equip you with the tools to make informed decisions, supplemented by real-world case studies. We will cover how to value profitable, unprofitable, conglomerates and for the income focused investor, dividend stocks.

Modules 15 to 16:

How to manage and construct your investment portfolio

Portfolio management is the backbone of compounding — managing risks with proper position sizing and adequate diversification. To finish first, we must first finish. We’ll discuss how to construct a resilient portfolio that will withstand the test of time and master the behavioral insights needed to invest in the stock market.

About the author

As a teen, Tom juggled odd jobs to afford school, feeling burned out. The concept of escaping the “rat race” resonated with me.

Driven to find my financial freedom, I dove into research and discovered the magic of compounding – making money work for me.

This ignited a passion for investing that persisted through college and a public service job.

After 14 years, I was able to leave my job at the age of 31 to write about investing and manage my portfolio full time.