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Ross Jeffries – Speed Seduction POWERPACK Gold Walkup
  • Ross Jeffries – Speed Seduction POWERPACK Gold Walkup

Ross Jeffries – Speed Seduction POWERPACK Gold Walkup


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Speed Seduction® Power-Pack:
The Triple Threat, No-Fear, Meet ‘Em Anytime,
Steam ‘Em Up In Minutes, Power Bundle
We’ve taken three of our “greatest hits” and put them together…
This is your Speed Seduction® adrenaline shot to fast pick-up success!
#1 – Advanced Speed Seduction® Fear Into Charisma Course

Do You Still Get Nervous Approaching Women? Lose The Fear… The Answer’s Here!

What if your worst and most persistent fears with women could be re-channeled and re-directed into even more powerful sources of confidence, charm and attraction?

What if the very same processes, thoughts, and flows of energy and feeling that, up until now have kept you stuck could be transmuted and harnessed to work in your favor powering you to joyous and stunning confidence that attracts women anywhere you happen to go?

Listen: In this amazing video, you’ll watch as I take a student who has been blocked his entire adult life from approaching women, and use this process to turn his fear into confidence, in minutes!

In this video, I’ll teach you, step by step, how to become consciously aware of and MASTER the very emotions and flows of feeling that have been blocking and stopping you for years, hiding just outside your conscious awareness.

Once you learn to be aware of these, I’ll show you exactly how to re-channel them, into sources of power, confidence, and charisma, so that the very forces that had you blocked now become the servants of your will and focus, powering you to more confidence and ease with women that you’d ever imagined possible!

(Special note: this process I teach can be used to beat fear at ANY stage of your seduction, whether it’s the initial walk up, the mid-game, or the final “closing her-getting naked” stage!)

#2 – The Speed Seduction® Gold Walk-Up Course

The Gold Walk-Up Course is a perennial favorite with my students. And for good reason!

Recorded live at two separate Speed Seduction® seminars, this course features me working with live female demonstration subjects, so you can easily see (and learn) every detail of how to make women super-responsive, ready and open, from the moment you first open your mouth.

Here’s just some of what you will learn in this start to finish, walk-up mastery road map:

  • How to use the 4 different approach vibes in the proper combination and sequence, to insure no matter WHAT your opening words are, the sarge will progress exactly as you want it
  • How to get past all “compliment resistance” with the super-powered “Implied Compliment” method
  • The exact different physical angles and approaches to use in different walk up scenarios
  • The “step back” principle; creating an interest “vacuum” to test her willingness, convey safety and power, and condition her from the very beginning to be the one coming after YOU!
  • Three magic words to make ANY opening lines 500% more effective
  • Mastering the “put-on”: how to instantly convert any observed situation or condition into a hilarious, fun, mega-icebreaker that she can’t resist
  • The 6 Gold-Walk up beliefs you must master and command to insure your absolute pick-up mastery!
  • 3 steps you MUST take before you make any approach to triple or quadruple your walk-up success.
  • The 90% rule to eliminate almost any pre-approach jitters
  • The strategic use of pacing and pauses to create hypnotic response potential within the first 10-15 seconds!
  • Structured assignments and drills to build your walk-up skills
  • An amazing new “boyfriend ignorer”, the best I’ve ever used, that also includes word for word powerful hypnotic language that turns her “boyfriend” objection into a filter of desire, lust and need that she HAS to see you through!(worth the course price alone!)
  • The fabulous “Snack Quiz” and “Twin Brother Scenarios”: here’s how to get them to actually sit down and easily and smoothly move right into powerful patterning language! You’ll never get stuck again on where to move things forward with Speed Seduction® language, and you’ll watch as I demonstrate the power of these scenarios on lovely young Joannie, who is visibly turned on by the whole thing
  • Plus lots, lots more!!!
#3 – Advanced Speed Seduction® Secrets of Irresistible Arousal

How To Take Her Initial Attraction And Turn It To Dripping Hot, “Ready For You Right Now” Arousal….In Minutes!

Would you like to know how to take a woman’s initial “doggy dinner” bowl response-her first twinges of interest and responding… and rapidly accelerate it into panty-meltinglegs-widebegging for it desire?

Would you like to be able to cut your seduction time as much as 50%, even if you are already an advanced student, with mastery of my best and most advanced stuff, such as Rapid and Total Success with Women and Secrets of Hyper-Response and Core Attraction?

If you are answering yes…if you can imagine walking into any situation and having your biggest problem be the logistics of where you close the deal with that super-hot girl, as opposed to if and how you are going to close her, this nearly two hour course will thrill the hell out of you.

This amazing course will teach you:

  • Word for word languaging to generate hypnotic lust and desire filters through which a woman will view you so you appear incredibly desirable, attractive and sexy through her eyes! (Watch out with this because a woman could very easily fall not just in lust, but in love!)
  • Word for word languaging to direct initial feelings into direct erotic energy flows that open her deep level/primitive mating consciousness, evoking the raw, natural woman. (This is a huge advance on the Dark Sun/ Gemini pattern)
  • Word for word language to generate sexual imagery that loops in her mind, rehearsing the behaviors you want her to have, so they appear perfectly natural when it is time to act on them
  • How to incorporate unexpected responses and use them to actually add power, direction and finesse to the seduction!
  • Perhaps most enjoyable, a word for word scenario you can use within the first 5 minutes of conversation to generate incredible desire, connection and lust; my LEGENDARY “Twin Brothers” pattern. Incredible for breaking the ice AND getting the amazingly strong responses you really want and especially valuable and useful for women of much younger age!
  • For you fans and users of SRT (Signal Recognition Technology), a way to covertly use SRT, without having to use the elicitation questions, that guarantees a response at least 300% to 500% greater than the question/elicitation method
  • And much, much more!

In fact, I would say the SRT breakthrough constitutes a “war-winning” technology; something to tip the balance with the previously least responsive women and something to make already responsive women massively more responsive.