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Robin Robins – Million Dollar Managed Services Marketing Blueprint

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Robin Robins – Million Dollar Managed Services Marketing Blueprint

Robin Robins – Million Dollar Managed Services Marketing Blueprint

Archive : Robin Robins – Million Dollar Managed Services Marketing Blueprint

You’ll get the MOST COMPREHENSIVE, COMPLETE, and EASY to follow marketing system for selling managed services that has already been PROVEN to work by thousands of MSPs from around the world.

You will also learn what other MSPs are including and charging for their managed services plans, how they are structuring their deals, and other insider secrets from multi-million dollar MSPs for building a profitable, fast-growing managed services business from the ground up.

Here are just a FEW of the highlights from the program:

  • You’ll get over a quarter of a million dollars of done-for-you marketing templates and campaigns; you would spend that much or MORE if you hired a copywriter or marketing agency to research your marketing and develop the letters, web pages, e-mails, sales scripts and other documents that are included in this program, ready to use. Plus, these are GUARANTEED to work since they have already been tested and proven to work over and over again.
  • The exact process outlined step-by-step for building an auto-pilot lead generation machine – once implemented this system will feed you with high-quality, “sweet spot” clients for years to come while positioning you as the most credible and qualified MSP in your area. Best of all, it doesn’t require a big marketing budget or sales team to work.
  • You’ll learn exactly what marketing tactics are working right now to deliver the biggest quantity and quality of clients, and which ones are a complete waste of time and money and should be avoided at all costs.
  • You’ll learn my “slippery slope” sales presentation that puts you in a position of power and influence with your clients instead of looking like “just another” scared, insecure salesman desperate for business. This process will instantly cause prospects to see you as a trusted advisor, and you will command the respect you deserve.
  • The “objection eraser” process that’s like truth serum for your prospects; use this and you’ll easily overcome even the toughest managed services sales objections of “Why do I need this,” and “I don’t see the value.”
  • How to precisely determine WHO the most profitable and responsive target market is for selling managed services.
  • A pre-appointment questionnaire that will eliminate price shoppers and unqualified prospects in minutes so you don’t waste your time and efforts chasing deals that will never close.
  • The market dominator system that will enable you to OWN your marketplace and become the #1 best-known, most respected MSP in your market in less than 6 months.
  • An exact formula for determining exactly how much you should charge for your managed services to guarantee a better than average net profit. Hint: Most MSPs are grossly undercharging because they don’t understand this process. Ignore this and you’ll work like a dog and have nothing but empty pockets by the end of the year.
  • How to use “poor boy” online marketing (web sites, social media, e-mail, videos and blogs) to drive more new leads into your sales funnel for pennies or ZERO cost.
  • My Competition Castration System that will eliminate any other competitor from your prospects radar – even if they are bigger or cheaper than you.
  • How to build a hyper-responsive list of qualified decisions makers; one of the tactics I’ll give you enabled a client of mine build a rock-solid database of 582 decision makers and $243,382 in NEW sales in just 4 weeks! This strategy ALONE will be worth the price of admission.
  • The “3-step” managed services marketing system that is consistently generating $6 in sales for every $1 spent on marketing – this campaign is SO successful it was written up in DM News (Direct Marketing News). This has to be THE most successful marketing campaign EVER WRITTEN to sell IT services, bar none.
  • A simple script that will eliminate the “I need to think it over” objection and get the prospect to buy IMMEDIATELY.
  • seminar marketing system that will enable you to close $100,000 or more in new managed services contracts a single afternoon; I’ll give you the exact formula to get decision makers in the room and close them on the spot.
  • My holiday marketing booster that will secure you a better than average response on EVERY campaign you run, be it offline, online or any combination. One of these campaigns consistently generates a 200% to 800% return on investment.
  • Simple, easy tricks using e-mail marketing to guarantee a double-digit click-through and response rates that almost NO IT firm gets right; if you are sending HTML e-mails I can guarantee you’re not doing it.
  • A new “voice broadcasting” telemarketing system that will enable you to prospect hundreds – even thousands – of businesses automatically without making a single cold call.
  • My “fool proof” marketing campaign checklist that will instantly reveal whether or not your marketing campaign will generate a response– be it a web site, postcard, Yellow Pages ad or flyer.
  • A telemarketing script that will guarantee a healthy, hyper-responsive, highly qualified list of prospects – you should NEVER mail ANY list without using this “scrub” first; best of all, you don’t need an experienced telemarketer to do it.
  • The single fastest and easiest way to secure more new managed services clients, bar none. One client of mine secured over a MILLION DOLLARS in new managed services sales by using this one simple strategy alone.

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