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Robert Moss – Dreaming Your Soul into Life

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Robert Moss – Dreaming Your Soul into Life

Robert Moss – Dreaming Your Soul into Life

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An extraordinary opportunity to access your higher spiritual capacities and channel your soul’s wisdom into a richer, deeper, more courageous life using advanced shamanic principles and the practices of
“Active Dreaming”

Open to sources of guidance, transformation and creativity beyond the reaches of your everyday mind and bring them into your daily life as you embrace the potential of your Dreamtime

As a conscious explorer, you have likely spent at least some time reflecting on your nighttime dreams – discussing scenes with friends, mulling over memories, or maybe even learning from a dream class or book – hoping to more deeply understand this illusive, yet fascinating, aspect of your existence.


It’s common knowledge that dreams offer a glimpse into your unconscious and that you can gain deeper insight into your feelings and thoughts as you understand a dream’s meaning. That is basic Psychology 101.

You’ve also probably heard stories from those who have learned to become fully self-aware within their dreams – lucidly engaging with nighttime realms to adventure through the universe, talk with higher guides, accelerate healing, or participate in any number of other exciting and creative explorations.

And this potential is absolutely possible for you, too – and it’s just one of the gifts that your Dreamtime can offer when you learn to access its full span of possibilities.

The fact is, your Dreamtime is one of the most powerful times for true soul work, healing and transformation.

You can learn to transcend your fears, integrate suppressed parts of yourself, even clear ancestral karma within your family. You can directly communicate with spirit and animal guides, deceased ancestors, and even parallel selves, as well as expand your understanding of what Robert Moss calls the “multiverse” – the multiple levels and dimensions of reality.

These understandings and practices go far beyond conventional dream analysis, so that you are becoming a co-creator of a new pattern of possibility for yourself. You are no longer passively waiting for some barely-remembered and often obscure signals from your unconscious, but instead embark on an adventure of soul-inquiry – which can rapidly accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.


Not only that, but by creating a different relationship with your Dreamtime, you can begin to shift your relationship with your waking life, opening up the ability to read signs and synchronicities all around you for additional wisdom.

As you learn to do this, you become more receptive to the guidance from your soul (as well as those of other beings who wish to help you). You not only wake up in your dreams, but also begin to see your life as a tapestry of meaningful symbols, each teaching you how to advance the journey of your soul.