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Private Mortgage Pool Financial Modeler™ – Preferred Equity


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Private Mortgage Pool Financial Modeler™ – Preferred Equity

Private Mortgage Pool Financial Modeler™ – Preferred Equity

Archive : Private Mortgage Pool Financial Modeler™ – Preferred Equity

Using preferred equity financing for a mortgage pool can be very lucrative.
Our Modeler will simplify the process.

We’ve designed a series of financial modelers to help Intermediaries work efficiently, build credibility and attract investors. This modeler was developed for preferred equity projects in which all investors will share in the profits and proceeds from a mortgage pool over a period of time. With trillions coming due over the next five years, Intermediaries have an incredible opportunity to capitalize on preferred equity financing and create a mortgage pool with like-minded investors.

Closing the deal will be easy with our comprehensive financial analysis. Private Mortgage Pool Financial Modeler – Preferred Equity covers every aspect of the mortgage pool. A project summary will highlight investor’s returns and disclose the IRR, illustrating just how desirable the project is. Fund expenses and income are itemized and the fund distributions broken down. Mortgage pools are easy if you know what you’re doing. Dandrew gives you both the education and the tools to take your commercial real estate career to the next level. If you’re not using preferred equity financing, then you’re throwing money out the window. It’s time for you to get into the game.

Modeler Highlights:

Mortgage Pools – Simplified
In today’s market, creating a private mortgage pool is a lucrative investment, however it’s easy for key calculations to fall through the cracks. Dandrew’s modeler is a resource you can trust. All data needed is at your fingertips.

Numbers Investors Need
Our modeler gives you the numbers investors need. With the use of this model, you can sell your deal with ease. Every calculation that an investor needs to see to make an informed decision is packed into this one comprehensive financial analysis. Attracting investors has never been easier.

Credibility Builder
As with all our modelers, we give you the tools you need to build credibility. Prove to investors that you’re not just a flake broker. Our comprehensive project analysis will make you look like a commercial real estate expert.

Time Saver, Money Maker
Intermediaries love our modelers because you can spend more time focusing on closing deals and less time creating financial analyses. Our user-friendly models allow you to simply input the numbers and our pre-formulated spreadsheets give you the answers needed to sell the deal to investors.

What’s Included

Dandrew Media is passionate about helping our Intermediaries to be ultra-successful in commercial real estate. With over 20 years in the business, we’ve been around the block a time or two, and we know what it takes to attract investors and close the deal. Work our system and you too can live a prosperous life fueled by commercial real estate investing.

With the purchase of your modeler, you’ll receive:

• Instructional DVD
• Modeler Training Manual
• Fully- Customizable Modeler

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