PotPieGirl’s Pinterest Success Strategies- Lets Make a Killing for Holidays with Pinterest

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PotPieGirl’s Pinterest Success Strategies- Lets Make a Killing for Holidays with Pinterest

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All About PotPieGirl

My name is Jennifer Ledbetter (aka “PotPieGirl”). I live and work in the beautiful small Southern city of Flowery Branch, Georgia.

Never heard of it? That’s ok – not many people have! Flowery Branch is located in the southern part of Hall County about 45 minutes NorthEast of Atlanta.

The biggest “landmark” here in Flowery Branch? We’re right near Lake Lanier AND Flowery Branch is the location for the Atlanta Falcons training center (our awesome Profession Football team).

We love it here! We’re a big, wild and crazy bunch and working online has made it possible for me to not only provide but to also inspire my children, step-children and my grandchildren towards creating the life of their dreams on their terms.

I’ve been working online since February 2007 and love everything about it. From blogging to generating leads for local business, from affiliate marketing to search engine optimization, from social media marketing to generating traffic from Pinterest… I truly love it all.

The first question I tend to receive is “PotPieGirl? Why? Do you just love pot pies?!?!?”

I know that “PotPieGirl” is a VERY quirky and unusual name – but it fits me (and no, I’m not a big fan of pot pies).

You can read the full history and all about PotPieGirl here.

When I first started online, having a user name of “Jennifer” was way too common – c’mon, we ALL know at least ONE Jennifer, right?

So I decided to pick something totally unique and never heard of before.

When I started online, Google had exactly ZERO results for a search for ‘potpiegirl’ – now it’s MUCH different =)

In short, in order to help “brand” myself, I created my own brand that had never been heard of before.

Some personal “Fun Facts” about me:

– We are HUGE University of Alabama fans in this house (Roll Tide!)

– My husband and I met at a golf course that I used to run (I was the Managing Pro).

– Together, my husband and I have 4 children ranging from totally grown to high school ages, and we have 4 grandchildren.

– I LOVE Almond Joy candy bars, but I don’t like almonds (I mentioned I was ‘quirky’, right)

– I don’t like coloring in the lines. In fact, I believe (as Jonah Hill said in the movie War Dogs) the money is made BETWEEN the lines.

– In the Internet Marketing space, I am probably best know for being able to find, and teach, unique strategies for bloggers and those that desire better rankings, results and exposure online.

Above all, I believe FIRMLY that the Internet presents an amazing amount of opportunity for EVERYONE. From the stay-at-home mom who wants to start a blog so she can contribute to her family’s financial situation AND stay at home with her kids – to the small local business who wants to generate more exposure, gather more leads, and make more sales.

My overall goal as PotPieGirl is to help guide those so they DO reach their goals online.