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Philip Nel – Combo Box Strategies
  • Philip Nel – Combo Box Strategies

Philip Nel – Combo Box Strategies


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Philip Nel – Combo Box Strategies

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You only need the simple real things that real forex traders are using that works and that is simplicity. This website is created to give you those simple basics forex strategies so that you can concentrate on the real important stuff and that is BEING SUCCESSFULL in trading.

This is NOT a HOW TO MAKE A MILLION IN 2 WEEKS sales and marketing scam. This is about providing you with some Forex strategies that will put the odds in your favor and is easy to understand and easy to execute and easy to recognize and it will produce a constant flow of success over time. They are All on the basis of “Keep It Straight and Simple”.

Becoming a ComboBox owner you will have the right to register on a private forum and see daily posts of the possible trades for the day regarding the strategies on the EurUsd and GbpUsd and the ability to interact with other ComboBox owners. There is also ongoing video recordings of important features and development of the ComboBox as well as new strategies.

This ComboBox strategies does not include or expand the 4Hour MACD system as presented on Forexfactory

Here is a link where you can watch a video about the Market Rhythm. There are other videos covering various aspects and new strategies when purchasing the ComboBox.

I have been in the stock market for over 10 years and in the Forex market for just over 4 years. What I have found over the years is that it is not so much the strategy that fails but rather the consistency of the user in applying the principals that goes with the strategy. We tend to bend the principals and make our own rules. Therefore have I decided to present some strategies that use easy principals and when used constantly will produce a high percentage of success.

For a free 4Hour strategy that I presented with over 3million views and allmost 20 000 posts visit the following link and work through all the info as given on page 1. That will help you understand the market rhythm as well as the trades as per the ComboBox strategies sold here.

As you will see the strategies that is offered on this website is at a very minimal price range to give everybody the chance to have them as part of their trading arsenal of weapons.

The main aim was simplicity as the emotional stress to conquer that goes with trading is hard enough to overcome so one does not need extra stress as to the use of the strategies. You will find them easy on the stress levels. I truly believe that we are making it more difficult then it really is. Don’t get me wrong that I am saying it is easy to make lots of money on Forex trading. It can be done but it takes dedication and practice to keep those emotions of fear and greed well within tollerable boundaries.

What makes the strategies on this website unique is the fact that if the “Combo Box” which include the whole arsenal of strategies (all 6 of them)is obtained at a give away price it gives you a full day range of strategies comprising from a 1Minute up to a 1Hour strategy that will give opportunities at different times on the day as the market develops. You will hardly ever experience a day without a trade. Some days all the strategies will produce trades but what makes it nice is that it will happen at different times and different currencies giving you lots of opportunities.

All strategies however can be used separately each having its own style and character that will suit your style and character. The minimum of indicators are used and simplicity was the motto when designing them.