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Paul Minors – How To Become Virtual Consulting
  • Paul Minors – How To Become Virtual Consulting

Paul Minors – How To Become Virtual Consulting

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Paul Minors – How To Become Virtual Consulting

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In this program, I’ll share the exact scripts, tools, systems and processes I used to earn over $1,400 in my first month of consulting (and later scale to $15-20k/month).

Watch the video below to learn more about my story and the HTBAVC program:

ou’re going to learn:

  • How to find (and test) an idea. I’ll help you to choose which idea to focus on so you don’t waste time on the wrong things (like I did).
  • You’ll learn how to market yourself and find clients. Including how to set up an automated system for generating leads (instead of sending out hundreds of “cold emails”).
  • You’ll learn how to sign up clients worth $500-$5,000 by pricing your service correctly and sending out high-converting proposals.
  • You’ll learn how to generate a sustainable $1-5k side-income working 15-20 hours per week and eventually scale closer to $10-15,000 per month.
  • And finally, you’ll learn how to automate and streamline your business so you can increase your effective hourly rate and free up your time.

Proof that the program REALLY works. Watch these customer success stories…

How Frederick went from a $4,000 to $14,000 proposal!

Frederick is the host of the This Week in Photo podcast. After purchasing the program, Frederick streamlined his processes and applied the pricing concepts to increase his proposals from $4,000 to $14,000 and is now making around $15-20,000/month. Watch my interview with Frederick to hear his key takeaways from the program:

Paul – Based on the teachings in your course, I made some changes to my mindset around pricing. Normally I bid out certain kinds of marketing campaigns on my podcast at $4,000. However, for the most recent client call, I decided to increase it to $14,000 as an experiment. I went into the Skype armed with the new pricing mindset… and won the job! Thanks again, you’ve directly impacted my (and my family) with your methodologies!

Frederick Johnson This Week in Photo

How Gareth made over $10,000 in his first month of consulting!

Gareth, who is now an Airtable Consultant, was laid off from his job in 2017. After joining my program, he made over $10,000 in his first month of consulting. He now regularly makes $20,000 per month which is way more than he used to get at his corporate job. Watch my interview with Gareth to hear his big takeaways from the program:

Over the course of this journey, I’ve learned to take a “low-volume, high-value” approach to working with clients:

  • Finding the right idea is key! And it’s far better to specialise than trying to appeal to everyone. I only found success with consulting after I specialised in a specific skill that I already possessed. When you focus on specifics, you can position yourself as a specialist (remove the competition), charge higher prices and close deals faster. I’ll help you to find and test your ideas so you can focus on the skills and customers that are right for you!
  • If you have an existing skill there’s probably someone who would be willing to pay to learn what you already know. Even if what you know is quite simple, don’t worry. I still remind myself that what’s simple for me is a challenge for others. I’ll reveal how to generate ideas and more importantly, how to test them so you can identify consulting opportunities.
  • You DON’T need to have an email list or even a blog to make money online. Fact! Yes, having a blog is nice and email lists are essential for selling digital products, but aren’t “required” when you’re just trying to make a few thousand dollars per month from consulting. Remember, the goal is to replace your full-time income without having to spend years building an audience.
  • Charging a “fixed-price” is better for you and more importantly, better for your clients (and better than charging by the hour, which isn’t scalable and produces lower quality results). Client’s don’t care about your time, they care about outcomes (not to mention, collecting payment after the work is done can be a real hassle).
  • To sign up a consulting client, you DON’T need to spend a lot of time “nurturing” and “selling” to the prospect. The truth is that high-paying client’s value their time and want you to deliver results, fast! I’ll show you how to write highly appealing proposals and exactly how I’ve closed sales from $500 – $4,000in as little as one Skype call and a few emails in just a few days.

When I started “virtual consulting” I earned over $1,400 in my first month and was confident enough to leave my full-time job after about 3-5 months.

Before I left my job, I worked about 60 hours per week between work and on the side-business. Since quitting in December 2016, I now work on average 20-25 hours per week (I know this because I track my time like a super-geek) and my consulting income has continued to grow even while traveling South East Asia with my wife. Don’t believe me, here are the actual sales from my Pipedrive account…

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