Paul Hartunian – Million Dollar Publicity System

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Paul Hartunian – Million Dollar Publicity System

Paul Hartunian – Million Dollar Publicity System

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How to Get a Million Dollars Or More Of ‘Advertising’, Free of Charge….

Make Your Product, Service, Business, Cause,
Or Yourself Famous
Locally, Nationally Or Globally, Both Online and Offline, FREE….

Even Tap The Enormous Powers Of Major Media – TV Shows, Radio Shows, Newspapers and Magazines, Free!

Publicity is even more valuable than paid advertising –
and possessing my proven secrets for creating massive amounts of positive publicity is like being handed a fresh checkbook with One Million Dollars in it, to be invested in promoting YOUR ‘thing’.

January 19, 2017

Dear Entrepreneur,
I’ve gotten millions of dollars of “free advertising” for myself, my products and for my clients – but I really get a kick out of showing people like you how to “do it yourself”, fast, cheap and simple.  (If you call up some fancy-schmantzy PR firm with six names on its stationery, they’ll quote you “retainers” of $3,000, $5,000, even $10,000 a month to do for you what you can easily do BETTER for yourself, for PENNIES, nickels and dimes!)

By the time you’re through reading this Report, you’ll see:
1.How I’ve generated millions of dollars worth of publicity for myself on a shoestring budget
2.Why my kind of publicity is far more valuable than paid advertising in the same media
3.How you can mount a “guerrilla” publicity campaign of your own, keep it simple, do it fast and cheap – and get great results
4.How to use free publicity to make yourself a celebrity

How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success
In Getting Free Advertising —
Then Used It To Become Rich And Famous,
Not Just Once, But Repeatedly!

Just so you know I’m well worth listening to, here’s a quick summary of some of my best achievements with free publicity:

1. A simple mailing that cost me less than $100.00 brought a flood of  newspaper and magazine reporters, radio shows and TV shows to me…and they all promoted my product free, to millions, on and on for 6 months!

2. One little “publicity release” brought the worldwide cable-TV news  network CNN to me…they sent a big truck with antennas on top right to my front door…interviewed me…and ran that interview over and over and over!

3. There was my first huge publicity score when I first started in the 1980’s. That was The Johnny Carson Show! Not only did Johnny promote my product on the show, he also put together one of his special parodies based on my product. You can see video of part of that show by clicking HERE to open a new window

4. I’ve been interviewed on over 2,000 radio and TV shows,  and in newspapers, magaines, etc. starting in my “early days” on the old Jenny Jones Show, Donahue Show, To Tell the Truth  and Regis Philbin Shows right up to today as I do interviews all over the world.

5. A Two Page article about me appeared in FORBES MAGAZINE.

6. You’ll find stories about me and my products and services all over the Internet. Go ahead, search my name – Paul Hartunian – on Google. You’ll find thousands and thousands of hits – all thanks to my publicity system!

Oh, and incidentally,
here are the two most important things to know
about why I’m qualified to help you:

    Big Point #1:  I didn’t do this once.  I didn’t just “get lucky”.  For three different products and businesses…one involving collectibles, another involving “how to meet your dream mate” information…..and yet another with business products sold to business people….I’ve turned on my “free publicity machine” and attracted great media attention just as easily as attracting a swarm of bugs by turning on the porch light on a dark night.  The SYSTEM that I’ve wound up with is UNIVERSAL.  You can apply it for ANY purpose.  And it could work like a dream for YOU..

    Big Point #2: I did NOT just get a bunch of publicity and bathe a giant ego in the warm glow of fame.  You can’t put any of that in the bank.  No, I am NOT interested in being famous just for the sake of being famous.  Nor do I want a big, fat scrapbook of newspaper clippings.  I want MONEY.  So when I crank up my “free publicity machine”, I crank up a “Money Machine” — bringing in cash customers… eager buyers for what I offer.  I’m going to show you how you could make cash you never dreamed of with free publicity.  That’s what I’m all about.

But it wasn’t always like that.  When I first started trying to make publicity work, I was a dismal failure.  I started trying way back at age 15.  I collected a table full of books by so-called publicity experts — most of whom I’d never heard of and had no publicity of their own to brag about (which should have told me something, but I was young and dumb).  I followed their instructions.  I labored over press releases and expensive “press kits”.  It took quite a while before I gave up altogether on their “normal” way of doing things.

But finally I did give up.

It turns out that most of the “pros” in this field needlessly complicate the entire process, to make it mystical and very expensive, so they make a lot of money — whether their clients do or not.  So everything they know how to do is a lot more beneficial to them than it is to you or me.

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