Patric Chan – CB Super Affiliate Training

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Patric Chan – CB Super Affiliate Training

Patric Chan – CB Super Affiliate Training

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The CB Super Affiliate Coaching

If you’re interested to be trained on how I build my affiliate business as a Super Affiliate, then I have good news for you…

I’m opening a brand new training program, called the CB Super Affiliate Coaching.

If you’re going to be trained with my proven system, I think I should share with you why you’re in good hands…

But I won’t just give you testimonials – because those can be fabricated.

Instead, I’ll give you PROOF for my credibility so you can distinguish yourself.

For a start, each year, I’m awarded with ClickBank Platinum Program for the performance I have with ClickBank.

Component #1: The CB Super Affiliate Coaching Class

The first component is the 5-module coaching class, one module per week.

In each part, there are multiple trainings that will guide you through step-by-step.

Is This An Advanced Training?

Yes but it’s suitable for newbies and experienced marketers.

Why? Because they’re STRATEGIES, not tutorials.

You want tutorials? Go to You can find those for free.

I’m going to give you the secrets and strategies. If you’re a newbie, wouldn’t you want to get on the right path from day 1 so you can make 10x more?

And if you’re an experienced marketer, I can guarantee you’ll learn proven strategies you’ve never seen or heard before because these I’ve never shared with other marketers, until now.

I know, if you’re a newbie and you’re concerned about basic stuff, no need to sweat that.

I’ve also prepared trainings in the “newbie” section inside CB Super Affiliates Training, so you can go through those in advance. So separate newbies training are provided for you.

If you’re an experienced marketer, you can skip that because you need not learn how to register a domain, install WordPress etc.

Because of the size of the training, it’ll be delivered and spread out over 5 weeks.

The first module will start immediately once you’ve joined.

In this BRAND-NEW training, you’ll learn my secret of building your brand to become a “Guru” in your niche.

With your authority, you’ll be able to “command” your market, allowing you to get more affiliate sales and higher conversions.

The rookie affiliate builds list; the Super Affiliate builds customers.

I’ll teach you how to acquire customers for your affiliate marketing business. In another word, how to build your “buyer list”, before you even start affiliate marketing.

I’ll share with you how and where I get most of my traffic – the REAL source.

Most Gurus are too afraid to tell you because they’re worried you’ll beat them at their game.

Next, I’ll also share where you can get fresh traffic – prospects who are not overly-exposed to other affiliate’s promotions. Learn how to get traffic from different sources to get new prospects.

There are many other secret strategies I’ll be revealing…

Like the Triangle Affiliate Strategy.

You, the affiliate, Merchant and ClickBank. That’s the triangle. The Triangle Affiliate Strategy is a very powerful method I’ve invented to grow your ClickBank business exponentially.

The Darkest Secret of This Industry: 

Top Affiliate Marketers Do Not Want You To Know My Super Affiliate Strategies… AT ALL.

You’ll Become Their Risk.

Here’s The Breakdown of The 5 Weeks Of the CB Super Affiliate Coaching Class…

I’m only opening 30 coaching spots for this new training.

When you secure yours, your first training begins right away – no waiting. Here’s what we’ll be going through for the next 5 weeks of transformation…