Pat Rigsby – Online Coaching Formula

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Pat Rigsby – Online Coaching Formula

Pat Rigsby – Online Coaching Formula

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Would You Like A Complete Blueprint For Launching Your Online Coaching Business?

Dear Fellow Coach,

As you know, online coaching is booming.
More and more trainers and coaches are adding online coaching as a part of their business and some have enjoyed enough success that their online income actually exceeds what they’re earning offline.
But there’s a problem. 

Two, actually.

First, because this segment of the industry is growing at a rapid pace, there are plenty of opportunistic ‘experts’ who have started to capitalize on this and marketed ‘high ticket coaching programs’ to trainers like you in an attempt to ride this wave of popularity.
And while they’re probably good at marketing…they gloss over what I believe is the most important part of this opportunity:
Actually being able to coach someone successfully without them coming to your facility.

So it turns into a little pyramid scheme…they teach ‘big ticket sales’, then their students teach ‘big ticket sales’ and so on and so forth…because no one actually ever focuses on coaching the client.

Second, unless you simply are trying to become a professional marketer…
You Must Deliver Great Results To Your Clients…Online
And if you’re wondering why almost no one else talks about that…it means you’re smart.
You know that your offline business success is built on delivering a great experience and incredible results to the clients you coach…
…and if you’re going to coach people online ethically, then it should be built on that same foundation.
Now sure, you can simply build a business that is nothing but Facebook Ads, Boiler Room-like sales calls and deliver some cookie-cutter program and call that “coaching.”
Well, you can for at least a little while longer…until the market starts to better understand what quality online coaching looks like.
Or, you can deliver a coaching experience that is customized, delivers great results and leaves your online clients as happy with your services as your offline clients are.
But I’ll tell you something most “experts” won’t:
And that’s why I’ve teamed with Mike Robertson to give you the blueprint for success you need to successfully add online coaching to your business.
Here’s What We’re Offering…

My guess is that you already know Mike as one of the best coaches in our industry.

His gym, IFAST, is regularly recognized as one of the 10 Best in the Country.
He’s a leader in our field, both in educating fitness professionals on how to be better at their craft, and by example with the clients he’s working with in his gym on a daily basis.
But what you may not know is that Mike has been delivering online training and coaching online for 11 years.

Over that time, he’s developed systems to deliver a world class service that lives up to the standards of his offline business…which are obviously quite high.

So Mike and I have teamed up to share what we know is PROVEN to work to build a brand and attract clients online…and to delivering a great results and a strong coaching experience to those clients once they’re on board.
Here’s How We’ll Do It. 
We’ll Give You A Complete “Blueprint” For Attracting And Coaching Clients Online.

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