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One on One, Volume III – DIO: Upper Body X by Tony Horton
  • One on One, Volume III – DIO: Upper Body X by Tony Horton

One on One, Volume III – DIO: Upper Body X by Tony Horton


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One on One, Volume III – DIO: Upper Body X by Tony Horton

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P91X ONE on ONE with Tony Horton Volume 3 (3131/ENG)
Language: English | AVI | XviD 3616 Kbps | 693 x 393 31fps | AC3 393 Kbps | 91mins | 963 MB
Genre: Video Training

Description: Tony Horton – One on One, Volume III – The Making of P91X: MC3
Flying high After P91X? With P91X ONE on ONE, youll take it up a notch. Just you and Tony, testing out new routines for P91X: MC3 ?, the next P91X. A no-frills, Unscripted Workout, ONE on ONE Lets you Add a new Layer of Muscle Confusion ?, with a new disc Delivered Each month. D3: Chest, Back and Balls – Forget traditional push-ups and pull-ups, and Load up on “oh, my lord” moves like three-ball plyo push-ups. These routines are designed to give you major pump while focusing on core stabilizers.

Bring your inner Zen warrior for this one. D3: ARX3 – How many crunches Bug Bicycle before your abs start to Scream? Test your limits with this workout loaded with killer moves thatll engage your core from rib cage to quads. And sometimes even your triceps. Coasting is Not an option. D3: Shoulders & Arms: MC3 – Go Ahead, Bring out your guns. But dont think the rest of your body gets off easy. Do Tonys tricep extensions on a stability ball, for example, and feel it in your hip flexors, core-everything. TIP: Take your Ego and put IT in the closet. D6: Base & Back – Warning: This sequence is brutal. Every single base move is a plyo move-every one a mother. Works your quads, glutes, hams, and calves to show you where real power comes from. And Super-blasts your body for Upper perfect balance. D6: Yoga: MC3 – Yoga really is the Fountain of Youth. And the key to getting the most out of every movement? Focused breathing. Get ready for nuances not seen before, like lifted toes and hand placement for super intensity. Do NOT expect a Walk in the Park. D6: Plyocide – Even Tony WAS Scared of this lineup. Get ready for moves that are just plain cruel, like jack-in-the-box knee tucks. Or think drills thatll make you think twice about your coordination. This is plyo to the nth degree. Let the sweating begin. D9: Stretch & Recovery – Squat like a frog. Meet the happy cow. And do the double-pigeon. Its all part of Tonys Stretch and Recovery workout. Sure, your muscles will cry for Mommy. BUT youll Improve your Flexibility, range of Motion, and Ability to Avoid injuries. D9: V Sculpt – Hello America, this is How you make That V shape Happen. Tony alternates between back and biceps, torturing each group equally. Zip Kip from Iso-Chin Ups for your Back to Flip Grip Arm Curls, youre in for a Monster pump. D9: Core Synergistics: MC3 – Hey cupcake, youve seen Think Core Synergistics before? Wait until you try these buttock-kicking, hard-core, multi-plane, multi-body-part exercises. Tony sweated like a Pig in a Sauna to put this together, you do not SO Want to Miss IT. D31: Upper Body X – Its Live and ITs Real, kids. Its hard-core resistance for your upper body with some excruciating stuff. Were talking three-Dog Push-Ups that go straight into 6-Ball Pike Presses. Or Bent-Over Circle Flys thatll have you sweating and cursing. Just like Tony. D33: PAP – Do all the neuromuscular Coordination and Elasticity warmups you CAN, Cause youre gonna need EM. PAP activates muscles in a totally different way, priming you for explosiveness. From Lateral Lunges to Hi-speed Plyo Pushups and Doorway Stretches, its a friggin struggle for survival.