Octascension Practice Intermediate Level By Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing


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Octascension Practice Intermediate Level By Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing – Instant Download!

Octascension Practice Intermediate Level By Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing

Anchor-Energize-Expand your Energetic Body!

What you’ll learn

Learn the second level of Octascension Spiritual practice with 8 new steps.

  • Learn a powerful daily practice of 30-60 minutes
  • Discover how to activate your D12 Light Shield
  • Clear inappropriate entities using DNA codes
  • Learn the 6 Healing sounds of Tao to clear your organs
  • Discover a power breathwork technique to boost your health and psychic abilities
  • Activate your Antahkarana channel
  • Receive Light Language downloads to strenghten your boundaries
  • Learn how to communicate with your gardian angel or any invisible presence in a safe way
  • Activate your Diamond Body


  • It is highly recommended to take the Octascension practice Basic Level first but not compulsory.


Welcome to the Intermediate level of Octascension spiritual practice!!

If you haven’t taken the basic level, you can still join but it is highly recommended to study it before.

We are all going through intense shifts and all of us can feel it more and more.

Time to bring some clarity and some grounding in this chaos!

Here, we are taking our daily routine to another level. On the way to Mastery.

After grounding and tuning in with the Earth, after activating some energy systems and opening our psychic senses (basic level), it is time to embrace our deeper potential.

Here, in this class, we will explore 8 new steps:

  • The D12 Light Shield activation
  • Clearing entities with DNA codes
  • The 6 Healing sounds of Tao to clear our organs
  • A dynamic breathwork (today known as Wim Hof breathing)
  • The activation of the Antahkarana channel to 3 levels
  • Octascension Light Language practice
  • How to communicate with invisible presences, like your guardian angel or nature spirits.
  • The next level of Diamond Body activation.

What are the benefits of this daily practice, that can take between 30 to 60 minutes?

  • A deeper and more efficient level of protection and grounding
  • Clearing our field from unwanted energies and frequencies
  • Being more healthy by clearing the emotions and negativity blocking your organs and body systems
  • Resetting your Central Nervous system
  • Bringing more oxygen into your blood to feel more vital and awake
  • Activating a higher sense of connection between the galactic Center and the earth Core, as a Light Bridge.
  • Getting clearer boundaries and harmonize the relationship to your past, your future, your ability to give and receive, your connection to Spirit and Earth
  • Receiving guidance from your own higher self, or from invisible spirits in a safe and efficient way.
  • Expanding the Toroidal field of your heart and allowing it to resonate at 8 hertz
  • Connecting in a deeper way to your own Core and to your own spiritual intelligence
  • Finding your center and energizing it, anchoring yourself in it and soaring the skies of Spirit!
  • Re-awakening your original divine template

This is the natural sequel to Octascension Basic level and you will love it!

You can easily implement, replace or add some of these steps in your current daily practice.

Many of you asked for it, and here it is!

Ready to dive deeper into your own Mystery and Mastery?

Ready to truly shine and share your unique Light?

Ready to walk the ancient path of the Mystics and super Yogis?

Now is the time.

Demian Haye

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to take their Octascension practice to a new level
  • Anyone who wants to implement a powerful daily practice into their life
  • Anyone who wants to learn powerful tools to clear their energetic field
  • Anyone who likes to meditate
  • Anyone who wants to support their personal spiritual transformation
  • Anyone who wants to learn new tools to handle the changes that are going on in their life
  • Anyone who is in a process of Ascension
  • Anyone who is ready to upgrade their life at all levels quickly!
  • Anyone who wants to become more divine, free and sovereign!

Course content


  • Introduction
  • How to implement the Intermediate Level after the first
  • Description of the 8 steps of Intermediate level

The 8 steps of Octascension intermediate Level

  • Step 1: The D12 Light Shield Introduction
  • Step 1: The D12 Light Shield Practice
  • Step 2: Entities Clearing introduction
  • Step 2: Entities clearing with DNA codes
  • Step 3: The 6 Healing sounds of Tao to clear your organs
  • Step 3; The 6 healing sounds of Tao Practice
  • Step 4: Energizing breathwork explanations.
  • Step 4; Energizing breathwork: Practice
  • Step 5: The Antahkarana channel introduction
  • Step 5: The Antahkarana channel practice with DNA codes
  • Step 6: Octascension light language
  • Step 6: octascension Light language meditation
  • Step 7: Communicating with invisible presences
  • Step 7: Communicating with invisible presences practice
  • Step 8: Diamond Body activation introduction
  • Step 8: Diamond Body meditation


  • Conclusion


Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing: Healer-Shaman-Teacher

Born in France, 45 years ago, Demian Haye spent 16 years in India, and currently resides since 4 years in San Marcos, Atitlan, Guatemala. He still travels a lot all around the world to gather ancient knowledge to bring it to the world. He studied ayurveda and herbalism with the European Institute of Vedic Studies of Atreya.

He became then mostly autodidact and kept on learning from all the teachers, healers and masters he met in his travelings. Discovering and practicing new holistic ways of healing to bring well being, harmony and health in the world,his path crossed many different fields : massage therapy, accupressure, ayurveda, alchemical medicine preparations, alchemy, orgonite maker, Theta Healing, radionics, dowsing, shamanic healing, Matrix Energetics, meditation, yoga, vedic knowledge, herbalism, gem elixirs, incense and perfume blending, and different energetic healing modalities, the most recent being Light Language and Dimensional mastery from the Mayan School of light. He took initiation with his spiritual master Sri Tathata in 2010.

With his school, Magic vibrations Healing, he has been teaching since 2005 different workshops : Magic Water Workshop, Water-Sound-Light sacred tools workshop, Be your own doctor, Sacred tools for yogis workshop, Aromalchemy meditations, Somalchemy Workshop, Sacred Journey into the Heart, Magic Vibrations transmissions, Diamond Body activation, Testing workshops, Cutting the cords, Quantum healing, light language, High Magic… He also developed his own brand of alchemy preparations,

He built his own understanding of how all these aspects interact in a higher holistic perspective. This is what he likes to share in workshops and retreats, and in his creations. His students enjoy the clarity and the practicality of these teachings.

He is now committed to put all his knowledge online and to share it with the world through video classes, books and live workshops.

Octascension Practice Intermediate Level By Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing, what it is included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 The 8 steps of Octascension intermediate Level
  • 03 Conclusion