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Martin Pring – Super CD Companion for Metastock (


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Martin Pring’s Super CD Companion for MetaStock offers detailed explanation and information to analyze the U.S. stock market for better trading results.

With the Super CD you’ll have at your fingertips;

25 Custom formulas, including a complete set of Martin’s KST indicators

23 templates: 11 useful for short-term trends and 12 for inter- mediate- and long-term price movements

35 formulas to help you scan your database for buy and sell candidates

10 Intermarket chart layout arrangements featuring useful market relationships

9 MetaStock indicators, drawing tools movies and free historical data from Reuters® to begin using the layouts


Complete CD Table of Contents 

Layout Movies Contents Menu

Dow Jones Utilities vs. DJIA
Dow Jones Utilities vs. Bonds
Gold vs Bonds
Gold vs Gold Shares
Value Line vs. DJIA

Indicator Movies Contents Menu

Cycle Lines
Rate-of-Change (ROC)
Relative Strength Indicator (RSI)
Price Oscillator
Fibonacci Time Spans
Moving Averages
Fibonacci Retracements
Time Series Moving Averages
Speed Resistance Lines

MetaStock Chart Layouts

Reuters Data