Mark Podolsky – The Investor’s Toolkit

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Mark Podolsky – The Investor’s Toolkit


System #1 Deal Flow

Build a High-Volume Pipeline That Puts Stacks of
“Pennies-on-the-Dollar” Land Deals on Your Desk Every Week

This is where you’ll learn to build out a system that nets you “More Deals Than You
Can Handle”…because making sure land deals constantly flow to you is the “lifeblood”
of your business.

Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll find out about “Deal Flow”:

  • The #1 best source of land you can buy for pennies on the dollar
  • Where to find smoking hot lists of properties loaded with motivated sellers
  • The hidden power behind the simple little postage stamp
  • How to zero in on the best offer price in minutes (instead of hiring an expensive appraiser)
  • The top 2 questions you’ll get from land sellers, and how to answer like a pro from day one
  • The worst time-wasting negotiation method, and how to avoid it and save
  • yourself hours of time (and maximize your efficiency and profits)

System #2 – Due Diligence

Cover Your “Behind” with Armor Plating Using Simple,
Yet Highly Effective Due-Diligence Techniques

This is where you’ll learn how to do your due diligence and protect yourself,
and how you sift through rubble to pull out the “gold nugget” land deals.

Here are just a few of the tactics you’ll uncover about due diligence:

  • Using your home computer to gather massive amounts of “intelligence” on land parcels, and who to call if you’re stumped
  • Closing on properties legally and safely – without ever meeting the other party in person
  • Getting customized marketing pictures and even video tours of properties – without ever setting foot on them
  • Timing property taxes to keep cash in your hands for as long as possible
  • Slashing your due diligence time and effort in half using my “batching” technique
  • Following the “Golden Super-Rule” of due diligence to save your tail when you can’t figure out the value of a property

System #3 – Expert Marketing

Build a Responsive List of Loyal Customers Who Want to Buy Your
Land So Fast You Won’t Even Have to Do Any “Selling”

This is where you’ll discover how to get “More Buyers Than You Can Handle” — instead
of relying on real estate agents or online listings to sell your properties.

Here are a few of the tricks you’ll find behind the curtain:

  • The 3 most destructive (and tempting) distractions that will drive your land investing business straight into the dirt, and what you need to focus on instead to fill your pockets with cash fast
  • How to hook eager buyers using a simple and inexpensive 1-page website
  • The 7 best places to sell your land — before you have a pool of customers who like, know, and trust you
  • 3 techniques to build a reputation as a recognized land expert and how this will draw hoards of customers to you
  • How to sell properties twice as fast by making it virtually effortless for your customers to pay you
  • Why offering and standing behind a simple guarantee adds massive power to your business and keeps you out of court

System #4 – Progressive Delegation

Find Diamond-in-the-Rough Virtual Assistants You Can Trust to Handle the
Repetitive “Grunt Work” So You Can Slash Your Time Inputs to a Minimum

This is where you’ll find the biggest secret to exponential growth is spending your
time working ON your business, not IN your business.

Here are a few key tools to find and manage inexpensive Virtual Assistants (VA’s):

  • The 5 best places to find skilled Virtual Assistants who will fight each other to do your repetitive land business tasks for you
  • How to create job postings that attract international talent for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in the U.S.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes most people make when giving VA’s tasks to complete
  • 5 secrets to ensuring your VA’s are churning out high-standard work with excellent efficiency
  • The surprising technique that weeds out weaklings and helps you find the rock stars
  • One basic rule that will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and protect you from blood-boiling frustration

Included in Investor’s Toolkit:

Core Content:

  • More Deals Than You Can Handle
  • More Buyers Than You Can Handle
  • Done-For-You Paperwork
  • VA Management
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Pricing Strategies

Next-Level Bonuses:

  • 2 Free Tickets to Live Bootcamp and Unlimited Tickets to Virtual Bootcamp

12 Geeky Bonus Tools:

  • iMacros Training
  • Craigslist Domination
  • eBay Selling Secrets
  • Wholesale Riches
  • Art Of The Takedown
  • Offer Generator
  • Deal Tracker
  • FAQ & Filling in the Holes
  • Recommended Tech Tools
  • Hot List of Counties
  • Facebook Fast and Furious
  • Tax & Legal Advice from Mark J. Kohler CPA / JD